Monthly Archives: February 2015

Question from a patient: The Safety of “Silver” Fillings

Q: Are silver fillings bad for me? Do I need to get them removed? A: Questions about the safety of silver fillings are pretty common in our office. I think they are mostly motivated by fear of cancer or a myriad of other health problems. Whether spurred by Dr. Oz, homeopathic-type websites and blogs, or previous...
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5 Dental Myths You Should Stop Believing

At Canyon Gate Dental, we’re all about education. Dr. Payne, our hygienists, and I spend a lot of time attending continuing education classes to improve our dentistry and we love to teach our patients how to take care of their teeth well. I’m sure the constant teaching gets a little old for some of our...
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Zoo Dentistry

I had a really cool experience with dentistry several years ago that I wanted to share. I attended the University of Louisville School of Dentistry for my dental training. After completing most of the DMD curriculum requirements, I qualified to sign up for an early morning elective class my last year in school which had...
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A Few Useful Things You Can Do With Toothpaste

We use toothpaste daily to clean our teeth and keep our breath fresh, but you might be surprised to learn there are several household uses for toothpaste that have nothing to do with your teeth. The next time you encounter any of these situations, give it a try. One disclaimer for most of these tips:...
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Smiling in Photographs

Have you ever looked at old photographs and wondered why people never used to smile when getting their picture taken? I have wondered this for years, but after doing a little research, I’ve come up with a few good reasons why our ancestors seem like such serious people.
  • Exposure time. Cameras have come a long way...
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