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July 2015
One rapidly growing trend in dentistry is the rise of dental “chain” practices (a.k.a. corporate dental offices, franchise dentist offices, or dental “mills”). By the term “chain,” I’m referring to practices that are owned and managed by a large corporation and staffed by employee dentists, assistants, and hygienists. Essentially they are franchise stores like most...
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Dentistry has been portrayed in the media for many years. In a previous blog post I started a series called Dentistry in Pop Culture where I highlighted a few scenes from recent movies and television shows that portray dentistry. The big and small screens are not the only places dentists have shown up in cultural...
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I read a study this morning in one of the several dental magazines I subscribe to that had do with smiling. The results were a little surprising and even kind of saddening to me. The study was conducted by an international health care group called Bupa and it involved about 2000 participants. Here are the...
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