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August 2015
smile with braces on teeth
If you are involved in any degree with social media such as Facebook, you are aware of the huge volume of “do Ii yourself” projects available on the web today. Although some of these DIY posts are actually pretty brilliant and can teach you pretty cool “lifehacks” and money-saving tips, not all of them are...
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Lions and Dentists and Social Media, Oh My
By now you’ve likely seen the story about Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer who shot the lion in Zimbabwe. This story attracted my attention initially because of the word dentist, but when I read the story it actually had nothing to do with my profession.   Type “dental news” into a search browser right now though and...
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You can find dentists all over the place in pop culture. Some references and portrayals are positive, but most are scary or hilarious. In any case, I love how dentists are portrayed and love to collect videos like these. Here are a few of my really good ones: Little Shop of Horrors This one’s a...
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