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January 2016
Girl with bleeding gums eating an apple
Blog Highlights: Bleeding gums can be a sign that you are suffering from Gingivitis Brushing or flossing too hard can cause bleeding gums Pregnant women can suffer from pregnancy gingivitis People taking blood thinners can also suffer from excessive gum bleeding Frequent gum bleeding need to be checked by the dentist Bleeding gums can be...
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Fear of the Needle
Blog Highlight: People can get overly nervous during their visit to the dental clinic Telling your dentist about your anxiety problems can help you get treatments that are adjusted to meet your needs Scheduling your appointment at the right time can have a huge impact on your comfort level during your dental checkup Listening to...
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sleeping child sucking her thumb
Pacifiers and Thumb Sucking I recently saw a 4 year-old child in my office whose mother was quite concerned about her child’s thumb sucking habit.  Many parents might have similar concerns, so I wanted to share some information about the habit and how to help break it when the time is right. Thumb sucking is...
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Radiation Therapy
Blog Highlights: Patients who have undergone cancer treatments are still required to go through continued dental checkups Smoking is a very bad habit to continue after getting cancer treatments and it can cause further damage to your dental health A well-balanced diet that fits the demographics and need of the patients must be given, the...
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8-Step Oral Cancer Screening
Blog Highlights: Patients receiving cancer treatments are at risk of developing mild to severe dental problems Chemotherapy can cause mouth sores, and severe cases of mouth sores can force your oncologist to delay your cancer treatments Cancer treatments can damage the salivary gland causing mouth dryness Cancer treatments can cause sensitivity to develop; its effect...
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Blog Highlights: Chemotherapy can decrease saliva production, which is why making sure that your dental health is in top condition before getting treatments is very important Dentists can evaluate the condition of your dental health and give you information on what treatments you need before therapy Eating the right natural foods is necessary to support...
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Cancer Treatment Mask
Blog Highlights: One third of all cancer patients end up with dental problems, the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research says Cancer Treatments have been found to have a significant impact on dental health A three-step dental plan can be used so cancer patients can care for their dental health properly. Cancer has a...
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Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon
I’ve written several times about gum disease in this blog. I’m almost scared to read any more articles about periodontal problems because it’s really starting to seem like the condition is related to . . . well . . . almost everything bad in the universe. I’ve commented on gum disease’s associations with diabetes, stroke,...
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