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Can Humans Grow New Teeth Like Sharks?

Let’s just establish something right from the start: sharks are awesome. I’m a big fan of sharks and I’m proud to admit that I’m counting down the days until Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week (July 5th through July 12th, earlier than last year so don’t miss it!). Some recent genetic research on shark genomes has...
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Eating Disorders and Their Impact on Oral Health

Blog Highlight:
  • As much as 10 million Americans suffer from eating disorders
  • Eating disorders have a huge impact on your oral health
  • People with Anorexia have an irrational fear of looking fat or of gaining weight
  • Individuals who have bulimia throw up or use laxatives or enema in order to get rid of the food after overeating
  • People who suffer...
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An Overview of Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

Blog Highlights:
  • These birth defects happen early in fetal development
  • It is possible for both defects to appear on the same individual
  • Individuals who have a cleft lip and or cleft palate can also suffer from other problems
  • Surgery may be able to fix both birth defects
Birth defects may come in the form of a cleft lip or a...
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Knowing all About Tooth Decay

Blog Highlights:
  • Tooth decay is the destruction of the tooth enamel
  • It is cause by bacteria that forms oral plaques that cover the teeth
  • Tooth decay is prevalent in children
  • Adults can suffer from tooth-root decay
  • Older individuals can also suffer from tooth decay around the edges of their dental fillings
  • Maintaining proper oral hygiene is the best way to avoid...
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Show Your Teeth Some Love

This Valentine’s Day show some love to one of the most underappreciated things in your life:  your smile.  Among other reasons they are important, your teeth are reason you can chew delicious food, speak properly, and make a good first impression when you interview for a job.  Unfortunately, teeth often go neglected for years.  Although...
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Important Facts Breastfeeding Moms Need to know about their Baby’s Teeth

Blog Highlight:
  • Breastfeeding can help babies avoid different health problems
  • Breastfeeding can help your child avoid malocclusions
  • Nursing mothers can continue to breastfeed their child even when the first tooth has emerged
  • Breastfeeding can help your baby avoid “baby bottle tooth decay”
  • Nursing mothers who need dental treatments can opt for antibiotics which are safe for the baby
  • Mothers need to...
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Knowing All About your Baby’s Teeth

Blog Highlights:
  • Baby teeth are as important as adult teeth
  • Babies usually have their first tooth around 6 months of age, but some babies can have them at a much later time
  • You can soothe your child during teething by massaging his or her gums
  • Letting your child have a well-baby checkup can help the child and the parents...
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Q: Who Has Better Teeth: Americans or the English?

The answer is obvious, right? For anyone who’s been a consumer of any kind of American pop culture, you surely know that the British have a stereotype for having terrible teeth. How sure are you about your answer though? It might surprise you to know that Americans have caught up with...
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