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Infection Control Facts

Blog Highlights:
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have developed special protocols for dental clinics
  • Different fixtures within the dental office must be sanitized before the arrival of each patient
  • Non-disposable tools must be sanitized between patients
  • Disposable materials must be thrown away after each use
  • The entire treatment team must wash hands and put on new gloves before...
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Dental MythBusters: Do Dentists Have a High Suicide Rate?

In one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes, Jerry’s Jewish dentist Tim Whatley (played by Bryan Cranston) declares “You have no idea what my people have been through!”

“The Jews?”  Jerry asks.

“No, the dentists” replies Tim. “You know we have the highest suicide rate of any profession.”

Seinfeld then quips “Is that...

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Can Gum Disease Cause Heart Problems?

Blog Highlights:
  • There is a connection between heart disease and gum disease, the American Heart Association says
  • Studies have not indicated if the regular observance of oral hygiene has an impact on the incidence and severity of heart disease
  • Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults
In 2012, the American Heart Association has stated that...
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The Father of Preventive Dentistry: Levi Spear Parmly

We take so much for granted in dental care these days.  I am aware that visiting the dentist to fix teeth isn’t your favorite thing in the world, but have you ever considered what the dental experience was like 200 years ago?  I promise you that today’s dental treatment, regardless of who your dentist is,...
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Knowing More about Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are also known as composite resins. Ideal for small to medium-sized fractures, they are known for being able to provide durability and resistance when it comes to moderate pressures from chewing. This type of filling is ideal for those who want to have natural-looking fillings as they can be used for the front...
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The Most Muscle-Bound Dentist Ever: Isaac Yankem, DDS

I haven’t written any fun blog posts for a while; lately all my writing seems to be about new research showing how periodontal disease is related to something bad, usually a type of cancer.  This is much lighter stuff that belongs in the world of pop culture.  Have you ever heard of Isaac Yankem, DDS? ...
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Gold Fillings

Blog Highlights:
  • Gold fillings are the most durable of all fillings
  • They are also the most expensive
  • An impression is needed before they can be made
  • Gold foil restorations can be made right away but they are rarely performed
Also known as inlays or on-lays, gold fillings are made up of an alloy of gold and other metals. Recognized as the...
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Silver-Colored Fillings

Blog Highlights:
  • Silver-colored fillings have been in use for more than a century
  • Amalgams are cheaper and more durable than other dental filling composites
  • Amalgams harden quickly, making them ideal for children or for people with special needs
  • Many health institutions and global communities acknowledge the safeness and effectiveness of amalgam for dental cavities

A combination of different metals...
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