Monthly Archives: April 2016

A few Facts about Mouth Sores

Blog Highlights:
  • Dental health is not limited to your teeth; it is also about caring for the soft tissues within your mouth
  • Mouth sores can be very painful, but they can heal on their own within a few weeks
  • They can develop as a result of injury from dental appliances, or from infections and other...
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Knowing why you need to use Mouth guards

Blog Highlights:
  • Losing teeth from injury or from blunt trauma can affect the way you talk, smile, and eat
  • Mouth guards can help protect your teeth, and soft tissues within your mouth from sudden blows to the face
  • A mouth guard must be considered as an essential part of your athletic gear especially when you...
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Knowing how to Deal with Missing Teeth

Blog Highlights:
  • On average, adults aged 20-60 have at least 3 missing or decayed teeth
  • Missing teeth can affect the way you talk or eat
  • The space in between your teeth can cause adjacent teeth to shift

A lot of people do not know that the average adult, aged anywhere from 20-64, actually has as...
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The Effects of Methamphetamine use on Dental Health

Blog Highlights:
  • Meth is a widely used drug that can cause serious health problems
  • Meth users typically suffer from severe gum disease and tooth decay
  • Tooth decay and gum disease in meth users are caused by dry mouth and the lack of oral hygiene
  • Meth users can experience intense pleasure from the drug but they...
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Smoking Alters Mouth Bacteria

I’ve been trying to help a couple patients quit smoking lately and so this topic is on my mind. By now it’s no secret that smoking is horrible for pretty much any aspect of your health. It is currently the number one cause of preventable disease and mortality in the United States, with 480,000 deaths...
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Knowing how Medications can Affect Oral Health

Blog Highlights:
  • Different medications can have a huge impact on your overall health
  • Some medications can give you a dry mouth which will increase your risk for tooth decay
  • Some inhalers can also cause fungal infections or thrush on soft tissues within your mouth
  • Cancer patients need to see their dentist before getting treatments
  • Patients getting bone strengthening drugs can...
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Understanding Medical Identity Theft

Blog Highlights:
  • Identity theft is no longer just about getting your credit card number
  • Professional thieves can use your personal medical information and numbers to make false claims and put false information
  • It is against the law to let anyone use your own Medicare, Medicaid ID, Social Security and insurance number
  • Thieves can pretend to work for doctor’s clinics...
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Treatments and Causes for Jaw Pain

Blog Highlights:
  • Many people are suffering from jaw pain or facial pain today
  • Jaw pain can be triggered by different factors
  • In order to diagnose and treat jaw pain, dentists must put patients through different examinations
  • Depending on the cause of the pain, your dentist may recommend different treatment options for your relief
Today, a lot of adults suffer from...
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