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The Tooth

Blog Highlights:
  • Our teeth have four dental tissues
  • Three of these tissues are hard, while one is soft and non-calcified
  • The enamel is not made of living cells, this is why it cannot heal on its own when damaged
  • The dentin is covered by enamel; when the enamel is damaged, the dentin’s microscopic tubules get...
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Temporomandibular Joints or TMJ

Blog Highlights:
  • The temporomandibular joints works with muscles and ligaments so you can chew, swallow, and speak
  • Any problems that will prevent this complex system to work properly is known as a TMJ disorder
  • TMJ disorders can be caused by arthritis, injuries, and bruxism
  • The NIDCR wants patients who have TMJ disorders to aim for...
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Facts that You Need to Know about Your Baby’s Teething before it happens

Blog Highlights:
  • Fever, rashes, and diarrhea should not be considered normal symptoms for teething babies
  • Using a teething ring, pacifiers, a cool spoon, or a clean finger can help soothe your baby’s gums when teething
  • Products that contain Benzocaine has been used to soothe teething babies, however, Benzocaine has been associated with a rare yet...
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Facts you need to know about Oral Thrush

Blog Highlights:
  • Candida albicans is a type of yeast that can cause thrush when it flourishes in your mouth
  • Thrush is common in people who wear dentures
  • It is also common in people who have very weak or weakened immune systems
  • They can also attack individuals who have dry mouth syndrome or those who are...
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How to provide Dental Treatments for Patients with Special Needs

Blog Highlights:
  • Special needs patients are those who have medical, physical, developmental, and cognitive conditions
  • Individuals who have autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Down syndrome, and other similar conditions are considered special needs patients
  • Special needs patients need compassion and understanding
  • These individuals also need walkers, ramps, wheel chairs, and assistance from trained professionals
Patients with special needs...
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Important Information about Teeth Grinding

Blog Highlights:
  • Adults who suffer from a lot of stress and anxiety will tend to grind their teeth during sleep
  • Bruxism is associated not just with stress, but also with sleeping disorders, and malocclusions
  • Fractures on your teeth, tooth pains, and dull headaches are some of the symptoms of bruxism
  • Children can also suffer from...
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The Effects of Smoking and Using Tobacco on Oral Health

Blog Highlights:
  • Having bad breath is just the beginning of what smoking can do to your oral health
  • Smoking and tobacco use can cause oral cancers and gingivitis
  • The only way for smokers to decrease their risk for developing these diseases is to quit
  • Nicotine can make it very hard for smokers to quit because...
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Knowing the Importance of Space Maintainers

Blog Highlights:
  • Space maintainers help save the space left by a lost tooth for permanent teeth
  • It needs to be placed especially when your child loses a tooth before permanent teeth will erupt
  • Space maintainers will allow your child’s permanent teeth to erupt at the proper place
Space maintainers are used by dentists to help hold...
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