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Knowing what it takes to become a Dentist

dr_roelefse_et_al_in_perio_clinicBlog Highlights:
  • You need to be exposed to different science and math lessons while in high school
  • You should get preparatory classes as well as natural science courses while in college
  • College students should take the Dental Admission test before applying to a dental school
  • The last...
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10 Most damaging Habits for your Teeth

Blog Highlights:
  • Avoid using toothbrushes that have very hard bristles so you can protect your teeth and gums
  • Nail biting can cause fractures and chips to form on your teeth
  • Ask your dentist to give you a mouth guard so you can protect your teeth from bruxism while you sleep
  • Never chew on ice so...
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Knowing How you can have your Chipped Tooth Fixed

Blog Highlights:
  • A chipped tooth can negatively impact your physical appearance
  • A dentist can bond the chipped-of too back into place or use composite material to make the missing portion of your tooth
  • Veneers can be custom made to help hide the chipped tooth
  • You can also ask your dentist to put a crown over...
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Knowing Which Organism has the Strongest Biological Substance on Earth

Blog Highlights:
  • British scientists discovered that small snails called limpets, have teeth made from the strongest biological material on earth
  • The limpet’s teeth are made from a composite of minerals and protein
  • The limpet’s teeth are five times stronger than spider silk, and ten times stronger than the enamel on human teeth
  • The snail's teeth...
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What makes your Tooth Loose?

Blog Highlights:
  • Most of the time, a loose tooth is caused by problems on the ligaments that hold your tooth in place
  • An excessive bite force caused by bruxism or during biting can cause your tooth to loosen
  • Periodontal diseases can cause bone loss which can weaken the ligaments
  • Treatment options for a loose tooth...
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Important Facts that You Need to Remember about your Dental Insurance

Blog Highlights:
  • There are a lot of dental treatments which are readily available today, availing them however, can sometimes be costly.
  • Dental insurances cannot be used for full payments for dental procedures as they only serve as discount coupons
  • Some self-paying policies will not help you save money as they can make dental costs more...
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Are you prone to Cavities

Blog Highlights:
  • Some people maintain the proper oral hygiene practices daily yet they still suffer from cavities a lot
  • Tooth decay comes as a result of a combination of different factors in order to progress
  • Without saliva, your mouth can become a breeding ground for bacteria
  • What you eat and drink has a profound impact on the condition of...
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