Monthly Archives: November 2016

Finding out if a Home Whitening Kit can help you with your teeth

Blog Highlights:
  • Whitening kits have not been linked with any major health problem
  • If the user will not follow the instructions carefully, he or she might suffer from dental problems
  • Teenagers should not overuse home whitening kits because their permanent teeth are still susceptible to the chemicals used in these products
  • The brightness of your...
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The Four Different types of Dental Braces

Blog highlights:
  • Ceramic braces are more expensive and they can chip easily.
  • Lingual braces are braces that are placed at the back of your teeth.
  • It can be very difficult to talk properly after getting lingual braces installed
  • Metal braces are the least expensive and the most commonly used type.
  • Invisalign braces are transparent and...
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Knowing what to do if your tooth filling fell out

Blog Highlights:
  • If you can locate the tooth filling that fell off, you should take it to the dentist as he or she might be able to repair it.
  • You can use dental wax to temporarily cover the cavity
  • You should avoid foods or beverages that are hot, cold, sweet, or acidic so you can...
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Knowing when to get a Root Canal

Blog Highlights:
  • Although there are a lot of probable causes for tooth pain, tooth decay and tooth infection are still the most likely culprits
  • Seeing your dentist every six months is important as it will allow the dentist to check your teeth for problems and it will help you get preventative treatments
  • Tooth pain can...
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What are the Qualifications of a Good Dentist?

Blog Highlight:
  • After getting a bachelor’s degree, the dentist needs to go through 4 additional years in dental school before he or she gets a DMD or DDS degree.
  • After schooling, the dentist needs to pass a licensing exam and a national written test before becoming a licensed professional.
  • Many dentists will offer their services...
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10 Habits that you Should Avoid for your Teeth’s Health

Blog Highlights:
  • You should only use a toothbrush with soft bristles as a hard-bristled toothbrush can cause abrasions on your gums
  • Brushing too hard and too often can wear down your teeth’s enamel and it can also damage your gums
  • Nail biting is a habit that puts parfunctional bite forces on the surface of your...
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How can Stress Impact your Oral Health?

Blog Highlights:
  • Stress can affect the whole body and it can also impact your oral health
  • Stress can cause bruxism and clenching
  • It can lead to temporomandibular joint disorder, tooth wear, and even loose teeth
  • People who are suffering from oral problems because of stress need to see their dentists before permanent damage occurs
Stress is...
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