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December 2016
F;uoride Periodic Table
Blog Highlights: The teeth loses minerals and gains minerals on a daily basis through demineralization and remineralization Decay can take place when the remineralization process is not enough to repair the enamel from demineralization Products that have a high fluoride concentration can only be purchased with a doctor’s prescription Infants from 6 months old, to...
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Smiling Braces
Blog Highlights: Individuals who received orthodontic treatments decades ago might have shifted teeth today because they did not wear retainers after having their braces A lot of parents today want their kids to have braces so that they can avoid suffering from the stigma of having bad teeth Invisalign braces are unique because they can...
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Blog Highlights: Lasers have been approved for use by the FDA, but the ADA has not given its Seal of Acceptance for its use in dentistry Lasers can be used to treat tooth decay and gum disease, it can also be used for teeth whitening, lesion removal, and for biopsies Laser light can be used...
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Mother and Daughter Smiling
Blog Highlights: Consuming a lot of sugar can help the bacteria in your mouth to thrive and produce acids that will erode your teeth Instead of consuming sweets, pastries, and too much carbohydrates, you can actually opt for food items that contain calcium to help strengthen your teeth enamel Heartburns and eating disorders can actually...
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Diabetic Injection
Blog Highlights: As much as 170 million individuals suffer from diabetes all over the world Diabetes is closely associated with periodontal disease Fortunately, periodontal therapy can help improve blood sugar control in diabetic patients Diabetic control has also been known to improve periodontal outcomes Today, there are as much as 170 million individuals who are...
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Diabetes Blood Test
Blog Highlights: Diabetes has been known to do a lot of damage in the mouth in the form of periodontal disease Periodontal disease or gum disease can result in tooth loss, or bone loss People who have diabetes, or those who have a family history of diabetes, need to know what periodontal disease is all...
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Bowl of Sugar
Blog highlights: We call different types of sweeteners with different names depending on where they come from. No matter what you call your sweetener, the truth is, it is still a form of sugar. You need to know the different aliases of sugar if you want to make sure that you avoid consuming too much...
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Boy Scouts Soluting
Blog highlights: The Scouting movement and the National Children’s Oral Health foundation have joined forces to promote oral health Scouts who opt to learn more about oral health can earn colorful badges if they are willing to share what they learned to other scouts and to people in their communities This program is designed to...
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