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January 2017
President Grover Cleveland
Blog Highlights: President Grover Cleveland told the public that he will go on a fishing trip without telling them that he was actually going to get treatment for his oral cancer The President did not tell anyone about his treatment because he was afraid that his health might affect the U.S. economy The President loved...
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Woman checjing her breath
Blog Highlights: Bad breath is a common problem that many people are suffering from today One of the most common cause for bad breath is poor oral hygiene techniques Dentists recommend that people use dental products that have the ADA Seal of Acceptance Breath mints that contain sugars are not recommended for people who have...
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Gum Recession
Blog Highlights: Gum recession is where the gums start to pull back and the tooth root gets exposed In most cases, people will only know that they are suffering from this problem if they suffer from tooth sensitivity, or if they see their tooth looking longer than usual Tobacco can cause sticky plaque to develop,...
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Smiling Woman lifting Weights
Blog Highlights: Tooth contouring is a simple procedure that will most likely not require any numbing medicine The cost of this procedure depends on how many teeth needs to be fixed, the time it takes to fix the problem, as well as the severity of the damage Tooth contouring is not covered by dental insurance...
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Woman smiling in the grass
Blog Highlights: Teeth stains are typically caused by the chromogens found in many foods and beverages Extrinsic stains can be removed with the help of whitening toothpastes that contain silica and cleansers Intrinsic stains are difficult to remove as they are caused by chromogens that have gone into the dentin Teeth whitening procedures will typically...
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Littile Girl Smiling
Blog Highlights: In the past, dentists used a silver-gray material known as an amalgam to repair dental cavities Dental amalgams are durable, but they required the process of undercutting to make them lock into the tooth properly Tooth-colored filings on the other hand, are made from a composite of different materials A lot of dentists...
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Closeup of a smile
Blog Highlights: Tooth decay can be caused by many different factors Tooth decay is the number one chronic disease of both adults and children in America There are very few people who have never experienced tooth decay by the age of 17 Dental filling can help stop tooth decay before it gets worse Dental fillings...
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Dental Sealant
Blog Highlights: Brushing and flossing might not be enough to protect your teeth from decay Dental sealants create a protective barrier that will shield your teeth from plaques and acids Dental sealants are safe, painless, and cost effective Dentists highly recommend it for kids and teenagers so that their teeth will be protected as early...
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