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February 2017
Baby learning to brush her teeth
Blog Highlights: Kids are not exempted when it comes to tooth decay, this is why they need to have their teeth brushed as soon as the first one erupts You can use games, apps, and even oral hygiene products that have different colors and flavors to entice your child to brush his or her teeth...
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Mother Kissing Child
Blog Highlights: A lot of parents have no idea when they should take their children for their first dental checkup During the first visit, the dentist will check for injury, tooth decay, as well as signs of proper growth and development Schedule your child’s first visit when he or she is happy and active Parents...
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George Franklin Grant
Blog Highlights: George Franklin Grant is the first African-American faculty member of Harvard Aside from becoming the first faculty member, he became the president of two respectable associations in the field of dentistry He is also known for having invented one of the precursors to the modern Golf tee Born in September 15, 1856, George...
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Toothpaste on Toothbrush
Blog Highlights: Some active ingredients found in toothpastes are meant to help you deal with sensitivity by interacting with the nerves or with the tubules in your teeth Toothpastes also contain inactive ingredients which are typically used for cleaning or for polishing your teeth You need to brush your teeth for at least two minutes...
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FHow to floss image
Blog Highlights: Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day, and floss once a day to protect your teeth from tooth decay and gum disease Flossing allows you to clean the small spaces in between your teeth where food debris can get stuck, and where bacteria can hide You can floss the side...
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Levi Spear Parmly
Blog Highlights: Archaeological findings have discovered that ancient human teeth had toothpick and dental floss grooves A dentist in the 1800’s recommended flossing to help dislodge food debris in between teeth and to help people avoid disease In 1882, the floss with a pocket thread carrier and cutter was invented Flossing was not popular in...
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Painful Mouth Ulcer
Blog Highlights: According to the American Dental Association, tens of thousands of individuals are diagnosed with head and neck cancer each year. Experts recommend that we all see our dentists regularly so we can also go through oral cancer screening. Some patients who have oral cancer are known to have flat, painless spots inside the...
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