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March 2017
Senior Citizen with Tooth Pain
Blog Highlights: As people get older, our overall health declines, the same thing goes for our oral health One of the most common oral problems that are associated with aging is having teeth that look dark and dull instead of white and shiny Some people who need to take certain medications on a daily basis...
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Older couple swinging
Blog Highlights: The roots of our teeth are protected by cementum, a calcified substance that is weaker than the enamel and more susceptible to decay The cementum can be very difficult to treat if it is damaged Gum recession can happen as a result of periodontal disease, or because of plaque buildup Tooth decay can...
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Dental X-Ray
Blog Highlights: There are two types of dental x-rays, the intraoral x-ray, and the extra-oral x-ray Dental x-rays can help your dentist see your tooth root and even the bones that support your teeth Dental x-rays are painless and they can be used to diagnose dental problems as well as to help prevent diseases> Did...
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Digital X-Ray Machine
Blog highlights: Although most dental problems can be easily seen with the naked eye, you should know that some problems can only be seen through an x-ray. With the help of the dental x-ray, the dentist can begin creating a treatment plan that will fit your needs. The dental x-ray is safe as it will...
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Beautiful Smile
Blog Highlights: There are those who make claims online that you can heal the cavities on your teeth without seeing the dentist Although the proper diet can make a positive impact on your health, cavities cannot heal naturally Cavities need to be treated by the dentist as soon as possible so you can avoid tooth...
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Diagram about the formation of cavities
Blog highlights: Microorganisms can thrive on the surface of your teeth by consuming the food residue and debris on or in between your teeth Bacteria produces acids as a byproduct, the acids can dissolve the enamel of your teeth in order to create a cavity Aside from poor oral hygiene, and consuming too many sugary...
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Painful Mouth Ulcer
Blog Highlights: The only treatment option for an abscessed tooth is root canal therapy, this is done so you can avoid tooth loss A cracked tooth can allow bacteria to go inside the pulp and cause an infection During a root canal therapy, the dentist will remove the infected pulp and make sure that the...
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Sugarless gum
Blog Highlights: Sugarless gum can help stimulate your salivary glands so you can produce more saliva Saliva is important as it can help protect your teeth from acids and from decay You need to use sugarless gums that have the ADA Seal of Acceptance so you will know that you are using something effective Saliva...
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