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April 2018
Man with the hiccups
Blog Highlights Sometimes burps are caused not by air, but by the bacteria in your gut Sulfur burps are more smelly than regular burps Home treatments often involve changing your diet Burps are a common occurrence for most people. When we eat we often swallow some air. This air gets trapped in your stomach and...
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Having difficulty swallowing
Blog Highlights Often times the swallowing problem is caused by eating too fast or not chewing your food Swallowing happens in three stages and involves 50 pairs of muscles and various nerves It’s important to keep your teeth and gums healthy so they can prepare your food for swallowing Difficulty swallowing or the feeling of...
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Acid Reflux - General and Cosmetic
Blog Highlights One of the other, lesser known effects of GERD is tooth decay GERD causes stomach acids to travel up the esophagus and into the mouth Changing your diet and taking certain medications will hopefully keep your GERD under control Gastroesophageal acid reflux disease (GERD) can wreak havoc on your oral health. Patients who...
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What to know about acid reflux in child
Blog Highlights It’s important to notice the signs of acid reflux in children and take preventative measures ¬†Some dentists may recommend fluoridated water to protect your child’s teeth throughout the day With acid reflux it’s important to reduce the amount of sugary foods that your child consumes Have your child’s teeth started to decay despite...
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Blog Highlights A new study has shown that there may be more similarities than originally thought The foundation has been set for further studies, which will examine diet and cultural factors We still have much to learn about it, we do know that it is important to maintain a healthy mouth In the past, it...
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Are Raisins Good
Blog Highlights There are chemicals called phytochemicals in raisins that help fight the bacteria The study served as a reminder that not all sticky foods cause tooth decay In fact, the main cause of tooth decay and cavities is added sugar, such as sucrose If you’re looking for a sweet, but healthy snack, grab a...
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Woman blowing her nose
Blog Highlights It’s important to maintain good oral hygiene even when you’re sick If you experience vomiting it is important that you wait to brush your teeth Use sugar-free cough drops to prevent unnecessary tooth damage According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, influenza peaks between December and February. Often times, when we’re...
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Glass of Milk
Blog Highlights Eating sugary foods often leads to tooth decay or caries The researchers measured the acidity levels of the participant’s teeth at regular intervals They discovered that, after eating cereal, milk lowered the acidity of the plaque the most Researchers have recently claimed that drinking milk after consuming sweet foods reduces the damage sugar...
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