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5 Health Friendly Halloween Treats

Halloween Glow Sticks in Orem Utah

Kids love Halloween! They get to dress up in fun costumes, eat all the candies they want, and more. Everything is fun and healthy, except for the sugar-loaded candies that might stick into the teeth, making it a breeding ground for bacteria. According to the dentist of Orem, Utah, as a parent, it is your duty to make sure, that your kids do not go overboard with candies and goodies. 

Halloween is supposed to be fun and all about trick and treating, but sugar does not have to be a part of it. There are so many healthy alternatives to sweet candies. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the healthiest options:

Glowing Things

Kids are often scared of dark nights. Why not bring them something that can lighten up the mood. Add to the basket things like glow bracelets and sticks. They will not just make a good addition to the extreme Halloween costumes, but also lighten up the dark paths. 

Thirst Quenchers

Trick and treating is no easy job. The kids keep running from door to door until late and that might make them thirsty. Try to arrange something to drink for the kids so that they can stay hydrated as well as wash off the sweetness off their teeth and gum. Maybe, you can add some funky water bottles into the trick and treating basket. 

Sweet, Without the Sugar

A good addition to the trick and treating goodies is the chewing gums. It has been proven that chewing gums after eating candies might induce more saliva, which will prevent cavities from building up. However, you should first make sure, if the child is of the age to chew the gums. You can also pick candies that are less in sugar and maybe chocolate-made. 

Let the fun last longer

Why the fun should be limited to just the Halloween evening? Offer the kids something that they can hold on to for a longer period. Some of the common replacements are yo-yos, finger-puppets, bouncy balls, kazoos, and other small toys. You can bulk order these little toys and add them to the collection of candies and goodies. 

Spooky additions

Why not make Halloween a little spookier with pre-inked stamps and spooky stickers. Some of the other things a child might enjoy are spooky rings, fake reptiles, eye patches, skeleton, and vampire accessories. You can also go for small items like invisible ink and on-point pencils. 

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