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Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a good restorative option when several teeth are missing. Partial dentures, like full dentures, are removable prosthetics. They are stable and comfortable to wear and fit in and around the remaining teeth. They help to prevent other dental problems, such as shifting teeth, chewing and speech issues, teeth grinding, and jaw joint issues. At our offices in Orem, Lindon, and Vineyard, we can take care of all your partial denture needs.

Dangers of Missing Teeth

Missing teeth and the spaces they leave behind can lead to significant teeth shifting. Adjacent teeth inevitably begin to migrate towards these holes, leading to unbalanced biting and plaque traps. These types of changes can lead to decay and increased chances of periodontal disease.

Partial Denture Types

Partial dentures can be made of a number of different materials depending on the individual needs of the patient and what the situation requires. We can create partial dentures out of metal that clip onto surrounding teeth. The other option is to make them out of a flexible plastic material that forms to your mouth.

Examination at Canyon Gate Dental

We perform a thorough exam, take x-rays, and make models of your mouth to determine if partial dentures are right for you. We can also advise you on alternative treatments, such as implants or bridges. Ultimately we will create the best treatment plan for your individual dental situation.

If we decide that partial dentures are the best for your mouth, we will carefully design them to match the natural tooth and gum color of the surrounding area in your mouth. Through our partnerships with the best dental labs in Utah, we promise to make your restoration feel and look good.

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