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Digital X-Rays

Uncomfortable x-rays are a thing of the past in Orem, Lindon, and Vineyard, Utah. At Canyon Gate Dental we use the latest dental practices and most advanced technology to make your dental visit as comfortable as possible. We use digital x-ray technology to ensure quick, painless, and safe x-rays

X-Rays of the Past

Twenty years ago, x-rays used to be a cumbersome, painful process. A thin film was place in your mouth and dug into your cheeks. These films then had to be developed in a dark room and the results were often small and hard to read. Dentists could easily interpret them and identify cavities, but they weren’t very useful as visual aids for patients.

Digital X-Rays

Today, digital radiography does away with these thin films. At Canyon Gate Dental we use a digital sensor in your mouth to take all necessary x-rays. The sensors are comfortable and pictures are immediately ready for viewing on large monitors. We can easily compare the new images with images from previous visits and can enhance them in a variety of ways to pinpoint and identify dental issues more efficiently and accurately.

Digital X-Rays and Safety

Digital radiography not only allows for better, earlier, more accurate diagnosis and better patient understanding, they are also safe when it comes to radiation exposure, reducing the amount of exposure by 80%. Your safety is extremely important to us and we only take x-rays when necessary. When performing the x-rays we use appropriate lead aprons and take all necessary measures to ensure your safety.

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