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Pediatric Dentistry

Canyon Gate Dental caters to patients as young as two and as old as ninety-five! If you have a child who is in need of dental treatment, make an appointment at our Orem, Lindon, or Vineyard offices. We will perform an exam and recommend treatments. If we can’t do the necessary treatment, we will refer you to a pediatric dentist.

A Child’s First Dental Visit

The American Dental Association recommends a child visit the dentist as soon as his or her first tooth erupts. Typically, a child should get their first tooth around six or seven months old, but most patients schedule their children’s first dental appointment around their first birthday. At this age, it is unlikely that a full exam and cleaning is necessary, but it is still a good idea to bring your child in for a checkup. We like to call this visit a  “happy visit.” We give the child a chance to see what the dentist office is like, experience sitting in the chair, and meet the dentist in an attempt to alleviate some of the fear that might surround visiting the dentist. Most children receive their first full exam and cleaning at two or three years old.

Preventative Care

It is important to bring your child to the dentist early and as often as recommended. The goal is to detect potential problems before they become real, painful and costly issues. Childhood is the best time to develop proper dental hygiene habits and to learn how to take care of teeth for a lifetime. We also recommend taking further preventative measures by using appropriate amounts of fluoride and sealants on your child’s teeth to prevent cavities.

Pediatric Treatment

If your child does develop a cavity or some other type of dental problem, our team at Canyon Gate Dental can help. From fillings to crowns, tooth extraction to space maintenance, and pulpotomies (fixing damaged baby teeth), we will take excellent care of your child’s dental needs. If your child is nervous, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and mild sedation via medication.

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