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Denture Services

If you have lost all of your teeth due to injury, decay, gum disease, or some other mishap, dentures are the best way to restore your full smile. At our offices in Orem, Lindon, and Vineyard, we have been helping patients for years to regain their chewing abilities, speech abilities, and improve their overall appearance and oral health with dentures.

Conventional Dentures

Dentures can be worn on the top and bottom dental arches. They are made from plastic materials and resemble natural teeth and gum tissues. Conventional dentures rely on suction forces to stay in place along your jaw bones. Before you can be fitted for your set of dentures, all remaining teeth must be removed. Then you must wait for your mouth to heal and stabilize.

Immediate Dentures

If you decide to invest in immediate dentures, you’ll have the advantage of never being without teeth. These dentures can be fitted the same day all your teeth are removed. Once your mouth has settled and healed, you will need to return to the dental office for refitting through a process called a reline.


While the process of getting overdentures may take a little longer than conventional dentures, they are by far the best type of dentures. Overdentures require the use of implants in the jaw. You will need to have implants surgically placed and then the dentures will be made to clip onto the implants. These are the most comfortable and secure type of dentures. They give you a sturdy smile and chewing is easy. In some cases, if you already use conventional dentures, but want to make a switch, your existing dentures can be converted to overdentures.

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