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5 Steps that Can help you Quit Smoking

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Blog Highlights:

  • The American Cancer Society has launched the great American Smokeout
  • provides professional assistance as well as evidence-based information for those who plan to quit smoking
  • If you want to quit, you need to have a plan and you need to stay true to it
  • You can download apps, get online tools, or call the toll-free number so you can get the help that you need
  • Quitting can be made easier if you do it with the support of your loved ones
  • You need to replace smoking with new, healthy habits
  • You need to keep away from your smoking triggers

The American Cancer Society has launched the great American Smokeout which is held on the third Thursday of every November. This date is one of the best days for those who have been planning to quit smoking, to kick off their plans of quitting as they can join others who also want to give up their tobacco use.

Here are 5 steps that can help you quit smoking.

These steps are given by, a website that is run by the National Cancer Institute that freely provides evidence-based information as well as professional assistance that are focused on helping smokers quit.

Step 1:  Create a Plan

You need to make up your mind and focus on quitting smoking. In developing your own plan, you need to set the date and you need to stay true to it. To help you succeed, you can opt to use online tools that are available at the website. You can download apps to help track your progress, or you can call their toll-free number so you can get more help.

Step 2:  Don’t do it on your own

Quitting smoking is much more doable when you have the support of your loved ones. Inform them of your plans and ask for their help. It would also be best if you open up and tell them specifically what they can do to help you. Be with people who are willing to support you in your goals. Seek advice from friends who have successfully quit.

Step 3:  Keep yourself occupied

You need to stay busy. Replace your smoking habit with something healthier like exercise. Go out with friends or family for dinner or a movie from time to time so that you can keep yourself occupied. Instead of smoking, you can chew on sugarless gum so that you can keep your mouth busy and your teeth from cavities at the same time.

Step 4:  Recognize and avoid your smoking triggers

Don’t put yourself near places, people, or things that will tempt you to smoke. Some of the most common smoking triggers include coffee, stress, alcohol, and hanging out with smokers. Throw away your cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters, and other smoking paraphernalia. Stay in places where smoking is not allowed.

Step 5:  Reward yourself

Quitting is no easy task. You need to understand that every hour, day, week, or month that you go without smoking is an achievement and a reward in itself. Learn to take it one hour at a time and know how to reward yourself even for small successes. You can actually save money by not smoking, and you can use what you save to treat or pamper yourself.

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