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6 Reasons For Bad Taste And 6 Remedies

6 Reasons For Bad Taste And 6 Remedies

Bad breath normally occurs everywhere, especially in Orem. You’re not the only one if you’ve ever experienced that not-so-fresh feeling at a conference, during a business meeting, or just talking to friends. According to research, half of all individuals have experienced stinky teeth or bad breath at a certain point.

What Makes You Have a Stinky Breath?

What Makes You Have a Stinky Breath?

You could have bad breath for various reasons. Among the many causes of stinky breath are minor, but they can also indicate something more significant.


Bad breath can strike suddenly due to the millions of bacteria that cause it naturally in your mouth. Your mouth also serves as a natural hothouse, allowing germs to thrive. Organisms depend on the food left in your teeth after you consume it and produce foul-smelling waste material.

Mouth Dryness

Are you thirsty? It’s possible that your mouth isn’t producing adequate saliva. Saliva is crucial since it cleans your mouth all day. Your mouth isn’t going to have to clean as thoroughly as it ought to be if you do not have enough. Certain drugs, salivary gland disorders, or even inhaling through your mouth might lead to dry lips.

Gum illness

A terrible odor that won’t disappear or a poor taste on your tongue can be signs of severe gum disease, which would be caused by plaque, a sticky type of bacteria.


Garlic, onions, and caffeine are among the items that cause extensive bad breath, and what you consume impacts the air you breathe.

Tobacco and cigarettes

Smoking discolors your teeth, causes poor breath, and places you at risk for various illnesses. Tobacco impairs your sense of taste and hurts your gum cells. Gum disease is more prevalent among tobacco smokers. Smokers may be unaware of how their breath smells because smoking impairs their odor.

Medical Problems

Mouth illnesses can cause poor breath. Suppose your doctor has checked out other possibilities, and you wash and do flossing every day. In that case, your foul breath could be the consequence of something else, including a sinus infection, stomach reflux, diabetes, or liver or kidney illness. Consult your medical physician in this scenario.

How Can I Get Rid of Poor Breath?

How Can I Get Rid of Poor Breath?

Thread and Toothbrush

With oral care twice a day and flossing every day, your teeth eliminate the germs causing your bad breath.


Mouthwashes sold over the counter may help remove germs or neutralize and disguise stinky teeth briefly. Nevertheless, this is only a short-term solution. The longer you put off brushing and flossing your teeth, the more likely your mouth will be offensive.

Keeping Your Dentures Clear

If you have detachable dentures, remove them in the evening and properly clean them before putting them back in the morning.

Keep Your Saliva Flowing

Choose healthy meals that demand a lot of chewing, such as vegetables or pears, to get more saliva flowing on your lips. You can also try sucking on sugar-free sweets or eating sugar-free gum. Your doctor may recommend fake saliva.

Stop Smoking

Giving up this bad habit is important to your health in numerous ways. You’ll have cleaner breath and a higher standard of living.

See Your Doctor Frequently.

Plan an appointment with Canyon Gate Dental with your dentist if you’re worried about the source of your bad breath. Dental health checks enable your doctor to notice any issues, such as gum disease or dry mouth and intervene before they worsen. You may be sent to your primary care physician if your doctor believes that your mouth is clean. 

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