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6 Tips for Cavity-Free Holidays in Orem


Timing matters

It’s all about the timing. While everything is OK in moderation, it is beneficial to consume sweets and other sugary foods with meals or immediately after. During meals, saliva production rises, which serves to neutralize acids created by bacteria in your mouth and rinse away food particles.

Be picky if it’s sticky

Many individuals place dried fruit at the top of their list when it comes to nutritious snacking. However, many dried fruits are sticky, and sticky foods adhere to the teeth for longer than other meals. If you consume a lot of dry fruits like cranberries, make sure to rinse them thoroughly and brush them properly.

Limit your alcohol intake

It’s egg nog, Brandy Alexanders, and nog season! If you prefer to drink, make an effort to consume water in addition to your alcoholic beverages. Also, keep in mind that too much alcohol might cause your mouth to get dry.

Take it easy on the hard candies

Some sweets are more difficult to consume than others. Hard sweets are bad for your teeth because, in addition to being high in sugar, they have been known to break or chip teeth. (When eating nuts, be cautious not to shatter or chip your teeth!)

Watch out for starchy foods

These are deceptive because they frequently become stuck in your teeth. If you choose to eat chips and cakes, floss especially carefully that day to eliminate all food particles that might cause plaque build-up.

You can still have fun

So, what are your options? There’s a lot here! Variate your diet by eating lean proteins such as lean beef, skinless fowl, and fish. Consume healthy grains and dairy products that are low in fat or fat-free. The holidays are an excellent time to begin thinking about better behaviors. If you must snack, choose something beneficial for your general health and the health of your teeth, such as cheese, yogurt, fruits, and vegetables.

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