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7 Easy tips for you to Quickly recover from a Wisdom Tooth Removal

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  • Make sure that you plan your surgery before the weekend or before the holidays so you will have enough time to rest at home.
  • After the surgery, you need to have a liquid diet. You can eat soups or soft foods like pudding for the mean time.
  • You need to open your mouth after the surgery, otherwise, the stiffness that your mouth is experiencing will become permanent.
  • You can use plain gauze to stop the bleeding, but after 12 hours, you can use a damp tea bag instead as the tea leaves can help promote clotting and it can also help alleviate the pain and swelling.

After getting your wisdom tooth removed, you may experience some pain and swelling for a few days. But if you do not have the time to wait for a few days, you can do the following tips to minimize your recovery time.

If your teeth are overcrowded, if you are having cavities, oral infections and diseases, your dentist may recommend that your wisdom tooth be removed.

When the dentist recommends this, you will have to see an oral surgeon so that the procedure will be carried out safely. After the procedure, you will definitely need some down time. You can however minimize it by doing the following:

1. Plan the surgery and your recovery

Make sure that you talk to your oral surgeon about what to expect before going through the procedure. The dentist may provide you with a list of guidelines that you will have to follow closely before and after the extraction. Read the list in advance, and ask your oral surgeon if you have any questions or if you are in need of clarifications.

Schedule your surgery before a weekend or before a holiday so you will be able to take some time off of work without worrying about your responsibilities. You should also ask someone to accompany you or drive you home after the extraction. If possible, you should also have someone who can help you to buy prednisone online.

2. Buy your groceries ahead of time

This will help you avoid having to go out of the house while you recover. You should consider stocking on food items that are in liquid form. This will help you get sustenance while your mouth is still experiencing swelling and pain. You can opt for soups or soft foods like Jell-O or pudding. You can eat solid foods after a few days. Stay away from spicy foods and do not use straws so you can avoid damaging your gums.

3. Rest, Rest and more Rest!

Resting will help you recover as fast as your body will allow. Elevate you head with the use of pillows; avoid exercise, heavy lifting, and doing chores for the mean time.  Focus on resting for a few days.

4. Open and close your mouth

After the wisdom tooth extraction, your mouth may feel a bit stiff. But you need to make sure that you open and close it gently, slowly, but frequently, even if you do not like it at all. Doing so will make sure that the stiffness in your jaw will not become permanent.

5. Use salt and water as an oral rinse

Mix warm water and a few tablespoons of salt. Rinse your mouth with this solution several times a day especially after meals. This solution can help alleviate the pain and the swelling.

6. Use tea bags and gauze for bleeding

Biting on a piece of gauze is what the oral surgeon will do to help reduce the bleeding in your gums. Twelve hours after surgery, you can use a damp tea bag to help stop the bleeding instead. The tea leaves have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will help your blood clot, reduce the pain, as well as the swelling.

7. Follow the instructions of your oral surgeon

Your dentist will give you instructions after the surgery. Make sure that you follow his or her instructions carefully so you will recover in the soonest possible time. You should also take the proper medications after the surgery.

If you have any questions, or if you want to share your healing and recovery tips after getting a wisdom tooth extraction, you can tell us more abou

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