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A Closer Look at Orthodontics

Child at the Dentist

Blog Highlights:

  • Orthodontics is all about diagnosing, preventing, and treating bad bites.
  • Orthodontists use appliances like braces and aligners to help guide your teeth towards the right position.
  • Orthodontists can help children, teenagers, and adults when it comes to fixing misaligned teeth or treating maturational changes in their teeth.

Dentofacial orthopedics is a branch of dentistry that specializes in the guidance and correction of bad bites.  It also includes its diagnosis and prevention.  The main purpose of orthodontic treatments is to help patients get straight and properly aligned upper and lower teeth. This is because having a healthy bite can help you chew your food and talk better.

With the help of orthodontics, people with teeth that are too crowded, spaced too far from each other, protrusive, or misaligned, can easily be given proper treatments. Appliances like braces and aligners can be used by orthodontists so that your teeth can be guided towards the right positions. Orthodontists can also provide you with retainers so that your teeth will stabilize and so that the results of the orthodontic treatments will be preserved.

Though only children and teens were the ones only ones who would typically seek orthodontic treatments in the past, a lot of adults today want to avail of these treatments in order to remedy some of their old dental problems or to help fix the maturational changes in their teeth. No matter what age you are, the orthodontist can help you get healthy teeth and a beautiful smile through professional treatments and the right recommendations.

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