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Are Migraines Linked to Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Are Migraines Linked to Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Many Individuals in Orem think that migraines are always linked with wisdom teeth, but  Migraines are not caused by the growth of wisdom teeth, although a person’s reaction to the discomfort produced by wisdom teeth can. If the discomfort is bad, you could change how you chew your food to avoid the sore spot in your mouth. On top of the pain from the wisdom teeth, this might also generate tension on muscles you rarely utilize. Ignoring a severe toothache is a bad idea.

As soon as you feel any discomfort, it’s best to make an appointment with a dentist in Orem, so the problem may be treated early on and not worsen. Headaches are triggered by the tension caused by the combination of mouth irritation. The wisdom teeth are the four molars that are located in the very back of the mouth, and the growth of these teeth has an extraordinary impact on each individual. Wisdom teeth may have evolved to support the food of early humans with huge jaws, but now they just cause crowding and, in some cases, harm to the mouth.

Although many individuals may live with them, others will need to have them extracted because of issues with their gums or teeth. 

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

The third molar has the potential to grow upwards, displacing the second molar. Due to a lack of space and nutrients, it may also become trapped under the gum due to its inability to thrive. As the teeth shift and move around inside the gum, they can cause nerve injury. This injury results in chronic hurting in the lower portion of the jaw and general discomfort when attempting to eat or communicate.

Visit your dentist if you have any doubts about whether or not your wisdom teeth may cause any problems. Checkups at the dentist should be done on a routine basis to avoid costly dental work. Wisdom teeth have a higher risk of decay since they are the most difficult to keep clean and don’t always grow properly. Infection of the gum can result from germs entering the open wound caused by the molar.

Dental experts at Canyon Gate Dental in Orem advise patients to keep an eye out for warning symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth and to see the clinic if anxiety about the condition increases. Learn to recognize the warnings;

Red of Swollen Gums 

Red and swollen gums are harder to notice, but they make eating a painful experience. When your gums are swollen, they can give you an unusual feeling in your mouth, which can be quite uncomfortable.

Jaw Pain

Impacted teeth can irritate nearby nerves, resulting in sharp, stabbing pain in one or both jaws. Constant discomfort is often related to developing wisdom teeth or migraine headaches. Sometimes enlargement of the jaw might be seen.

Bad Breath 

Bad breath happens when food gets stuck between the teeth or under the gums. The same factor might also leave a bitter taste in one’s mouth.

If you notice any oral symptoms that might be related to wisdom teeth, don’t put it off any longer. This is not a problem that can be ignored. If you don’t see your dentist right away, the situation will only worsen.

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