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Can I use Peroxide to fight against Gum Disease?

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Blog Highlights:

  • Hydrogen peroxide mouth rinses are ideal for disinfection as it can help kill bacteria in your mouth
  • Gum disease occurs deep below the gum line, while peroxide will only have an effect on the surface of your teeth and gums
  • Hydrogen peroxide mouth rinses can also be used to remove stains on the surface of your teeth
  • Although this product can be used to help stop open sores or cuts from being infected, gum disease has to be treated with a more direct or specific treatment

Hydrogen peroxide-based mouth rinses are very popular today but can this product really help you deal with gum disease?

We all know that hydrogen peroxide is typically used for disinfection, or for killing the bacteria in your mouth. This product is actually ideal for keeping your mouth clean while you have a blister, bubble, cut or laceration inside your mouth that needs to heal.

This product is also ideal if you want to avoid having an infection on the surface of your mouth. However, despite its ability to fight against bacteria and infections, this product cannot actually help cure gum disease. But it can be used to support other treatments and products that are specifically made to cure this problem.

You have to understand that hydrogen peroxide rinses will only work on the surface of your teeth. Gum disease, on the other hand, happens deep below the gum line. This is why while you can use the mouth rinse to clean the surface, it will not have any effect on what is going on deep inside the gums.

Since this is where the true gum or periodontal disease is taking place, you will need something more effective. You can still use the mouth rinse, but keep in mind that it is only considered as an adjunctive treatment. This simply means that it is only as effective as brushing and flossing when used against gum disease. Although they are all very effective for its prevention, they will not be able to do a lot if your gums need specific treatments.

You can use hydrogen peroxide mouth rinses to care for your gums better, and as a matter of fact, you can also use it to help whiten your teeth. Most whitening toothpaste actually uses peroxide as their whitening agent since it can chemically de-bond the stains from the surface of your teeth.

Dental professionals, therefore, can recommend that you use peroxide mouth rinses to help heal cuts and blisters in your mouth, to help you keep your mouth free from bacteria, and also to help remove stains on your teeth. But it cannot be used for curing gum disease or other serious oral problems.

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