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Christmas Beverages to Avoid: Red Wine to Hot Chocolate

Christmas Beverages to Avoid

You probably already know that coffee and wine will discolor your teeth if you drink them often. (There is a reason why they are called pearly whites!) The best method to prevent staining is to avoid the beverages, to begin with, and to make some efforts to limit the effect when you do have them. However, dental procedures like our teeth whitening treatment in Orem can assist in erasing discoloration so that you may avoid damaging your teeth throughout the holiday season.

Cut Back on the Red-Mulled Wine

On a chilly night during the winter, nothing beats warming yourself with a spicy glass of mulled wine. However, it is often beneficial to set a limit before getting cracking, turning on the burner, and preparing your glass (or mug). Mulled red wine is just as harmful to your teeth as any other type of red wine since it contains tannins that have a dark color and easily bind with your teeth. Because of this, mulled red wine is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to staining teeth.

Don’t Drink Rum and Coke

The majority of dentists, including ourselves, would advise avoiding drinking rum and coke if you value your oral health. Adding acidic rum to a sweet, fizzy drink already makes it awful for your teeth, but this combination is very harmful. Drinking too much of these can weaken your tooth enamel, making your teeth more vulnerable to discoloration and decay.

Even White Wine Has Its Flaws

It could appear to be the simple solution to preserve your teeth by switching from red wine to white wine, but before you do so, keep in mind that white wine isn’t quite as pleasant as it likes to pretend it is, either! While white wine won’t immediately stain like red, it’s still somewhat acidic. Damage to enamel and increased vulnerability to discoloration from foods and drinks are the long-term effects of this.

We have the solution for those who enjoy wine but are concerned about the long-term health of their teeth: avoid drinking it directly after eating. Purchase extra bottles of Cava this year. It’s a Spanish sparkling wine that’s far less acidic than other wines, so it won’t eat away at your teeth.

Stronger Teeth With Hot Chocolate

There’s no denying that hot chocolate is an iconic Christmas beverage, and thankfully, you won’t be required to go without it this year. If you want to give your teeth and liver a break from the alcohol this holiday season, swap out one of the following beverages with a mug of milky chocolate instead. You can regulate how much sugar goes into your hot chocolate if you make it from cocoa powder, and you’ll get enough calcium if you add loads of milk.

Light Beer Is Good for White Teeth

Beer is another alcoholic beverage that dentists generally accept. Light beers are preferable over dark beers because of the lower likelihood of discoloration. Light beers are preferable since they have a lower acidity level because of their higher water content.

At Christmas, it’s acceptable to delight in drinks and dishes you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself. As with many things, moderation is key, so enjoy some red wine and rum without guilt this holiday season. In addition, you may schedule a teeth whitening session at your earliest convenience at Canyon Gate Dental. So that you may start the new year with a sparkling set of beautiful smiles, we can give your teeth a thorough examination and remove any discoloration we find.

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