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Clear Braces Offered Here In Orem

At Canyon Gate Dental in Orem, we strive to help our patients achieve the satisfaction of having straight and beautiful teeth. It is widely believed that individuals with straight, white teeth are perceived as happier and more successful.

If you desire a more confident smile without the need for traditional braces, we are pleased to offer clear braces as an alternative straightening solution. This innovative system utilizes a series of comfortable, clear, and removable aligners.

As a Clear Braces provider in Utah County, we are proud to offer this effective alignment option that prioritizes patient comfort. The convenience of invisible braces in the fact that the aligner trays can be easily removed. Additionally, each set of aligners is custom-designed for optimal comfort. Furthermore, these aligners are virtually invisible, ensuring that your smile looks great throughout the treatment process.

The success of invisible braces treatment is evident in the over half-million smiles across the nation that have been transformed. We are delighted to provide this revolutionary treatment option in the Orem office as well.

Clear braces are designed to accommodate your lifestyle

Clear braces offer numerous advantages, allowing our patients to achieve straighter teeth without relying on conventional clear braces. These benefits encompass:


Clear Braces can give you a straighter and better-looking smile in less time than traditional braces – around 9 months to a year. Some Utah County patients may even see faster results thanks to Clear Brace’s advanced technology.


Rest assured that invisible braces will not draw attention as the transparency of the aligners makes them almost imperceptible to those in your vicinity.


The utilization of clear braces enables individuals to seamlessly incorporate their oral hygiene routine into their busy schedules. With the ability to effortlessly remove the aligners when engaging in activities such as eating, drinking, flossing, brushing, or even for occasional special events, clear braces provide the flexibility needed to maintain optimal oral health.


The Clear Braces aligner trays are meticulously tailored to suit the unique needs of every individual, ensuring an impeccable fit and optimal functionality. These trays are thoughtfully crafted with utmost consideration for your oral cavity, utilizing cutting-edge dental technology to guarantee both comfort and efficacy. The incorporation of smooth edges in the design of clear braces eliminates any potential discomfort or irritation to the delicate tissues of your mouth or gums. Consequently, you can effortlessly wear these aligners without experiencing the inconvenience of developing sores or irritation.


Clear Braces are a clear braces system and are not noticeable to most people. The clear aligners used by Clear Braces are made of a durable, thin plastic that fits your teeth closely and comfortably, ensuring that those around you don’t notice them. Compared to traditional braces, Clear Braces is aesthetically pleasing and can help you have your perfect smile without social anxiety.


Clear Braces offers a convenient solution for teeth straightening due to its removable clear aligner trays, distinguishing it from traditional braces. This feature allows you the flexibility to remove the trays during social events, effortlessly reinserting them once the occasion concludes. Moreover, the ability to remove the trays facilitates regular oral care, ensuring the maintenance of excellent dental health. Additionally, you can indulge in your preferred food choices without concerns about food particles becoming trapped in brackets and wires.


Impressions of your mouth are utilized to chart the advancement of your tooth movements and create personalized aligners that precisely guide your teeth to predetermined positions. The anticipated outcomes can be previewed in advance, and this procedure requires less time compared to conventional braces. On average, the alignment process with invisible braces is completed within a year, varying according to individual cases.

Clear Braces - What Are They?

Clear Braces treatment presents a remarkable solution for adults who wish to achieve a flawless smile without the use of braces. This innovative system allows for the effective, comfortable, and safe straightening of teeth, eliminating the need for traditional metal braces.

The unattractive and embarrassing appearance of traditional braces is a common concern among adults. Additionally, the frequent treatment visits required by traditional braces can be inconvenient and time-consuming. Thankfully, invisible braces provide a more aesthetically pleasing and convenient alternative. We are proud to offer this exceptional solution here in Orem, Utah.

The Invisible Braces System

Clear aligners are utilized in the Clear Braces treatment to comfortably and discreetly straighten teeth. The clear trays used in this treatment are custom-made to fit your mouth, making them feel and look great. With Clear Braces, you can straighten your teeth without the need for traditional braces, and most people won’t even notice that you’re undergoing treatment.

Clear Braces trays offer a transparent appearance, making them less conspicuous. Additionally, they possess advantages over conventional braces. Removable in nature, invisible braces allow you to take them out during meals or oral hygiene routines. Consequently, you can indulge in your favorite foods and maintain impeccable dental hygiene without the need for extra precautions.

With the Clear Braces treatment, achieving the desired results of teeth straightening is possible without the need for traditional braces. Our proficient Provo team possesses extensive expertise in delivering Clear Braces services to our valued patients, ensuring that you receive the exceptional care that you rightfully deserve.

We are thrilled to assist you in achieving the smile of your dreams, as we have witnessed the favorable influence that Clear Braces treatment can have on our patients’ smiles.

Clear Braces: Improve Your Teeth, Improve Your Health

At our Orem practice, Clear braces are utilized in cosmetic dentistry to address various common issues and improve oral health. Additionally, they can also serve as a preparatory treatment for further dental procedures.

Overly crowded teeth

The presence of unsightly gaps and spaces between teeth can be attributed to abnormal jaw growth or missing teeth, whereas crowded and twisted teeth are a result of limited space.


The misalignment of the upper and lower jaws results in the biting of one or more upper teeth into the lower teeth.


The protrusion of upper front teeth beyond the lower teeth can be attributed to genetics, poor oral hygiene, or excessive bone growth.


The lower front teeth protrude beyond the upper front teeth as a result of upper teeth being absent, the underdevelopment of the upper jaw, or the excessive growth of the lower jaw.

Failure to undergo treatment, such as the utilization of invisible braces, can result in the development of gum disease, tooth erosion, bone deterioration, dental caries, the hindrance of regular tooth operation, and discomforting jaw and joint complications.

Clear Braces Step - by - Step

Step 1 Assessment/First Appointment

At our Utah County office for cosmetic dentistry in Orem, you can arrange an introductory meeting to discuss your needs, objectives, and circumstances. We will work together to evaluate whether clear braces are the most appropriate option for you.

Step 2 Planning process

 If we determine you are a candidate for this system, we can begin treatment. First, we will take digital pictures and x-rays and have a mold made of your teeth that is analyzed by our team. Once this is complete, we will calculate the gradual shift of your teeth in stages to help us create your treatment plan. This plan will include the step-by-step progression toward your desired new smile.

Step 3 Creating the aligners

We utilize advanced dental technology to create a personalized set of transparent aligners, individually crafted to gradually reposition your teeth according to the predetermined plan. These aligners, also known as trays, are constructed from a resilient material that appears virtually invisible. By employing these trays, we can assist you in achieving the smile you have always desired.

Step 4 Clear Braces treatment

During each appointment, a fresh set of aligners will be provided to you, which should be worn for a duration of around two to three weeks. Consistently wearing these aligners will expedite the transformation of your smile. Although every patient’s circumstances are distinct, typically individuals require approximately 20-30 sets of aligners.

Selecting the Ideal Clear Braces Dentist

As you search for a Clear Braces dentist, particularly one in Utah County, it’s common to feel uncertain about how to make the right choice. At our dental practice in Orem, we specialize in Clear Braces and are committed to delivering personalized care that meets your unique needs. Our team is highly skilled and approachable, and we’re confident that we can provide you with the exceptional service you’re looking for.


Our experienced team has been providing invisible braces for years. Skilled and well-trained, we are excited to offer this braces alternative and help you achieve exceptional results.


When seeking a Clear Braces dentist, it is crucial to assess whether their approach aligns with your own. Are they attentive to your individual care requirements? Do you perceive their care as personalized to your specific needs? During conversations with the dentist, do they actively listen to your input? If your response to these inquiries is affirmative, then you are on the right track to receiving exceptional care. At Canyon Gate Dental in Orem, we are dedicated to assisting you, and our team diligently endeavors to fulfill, and even surpass your expectations. We recognize the significance of having a dentist who attentively listens and genuinely cares about your needs, and our compassionate and knowledgeable team strives to deliver top-notch care from the convenience of our Orem dentist office.

Our team is fully prepared to offer you the Clear Braces services you deserve in a pleasant, amiable, and compassionate setting. Your requirements hold great significance to us, and we believe you are entitled to receive tailored and attentive treatment. If you desire to enhance the alignment and aesthetics of your teeth, we are enthusiastic about assisting you.

Clear Braces FAQs

During our consultation, we are pleased to address the financial aspect of clear braces for individuals interested in adult orthodontics. This will enable us to determine if this treatment aligns with your needs. It is worth noting that the affordability of Clear Braces may pleasantly surprise you.

In the United States alone, over a million individuals have utilized Invisalign, a remarkable modern dental technology, to achieve the straighter and more aesthetically pleasing smiles they desire. Clear Braces, a highly sought-after cosmetic dental and adult orthodontic procedure, have gained immense popularity. Our enthusiasm in providing this teeth straightening solution to our patients is matched by our delight in witnessing the remarkable transformations it brings to their smiles.

Invisible braces prove to be a highly efficient and convenient method for aligning your teeth. Clear braces possess an appealing appearance (as an invisible braces system, it is barely noticeable!), require less time for teeth alignment, and result in reduced discomfort compared to traditional braces.

Certain patients have successfully transitioned from conventional braces to Invisible braces. If you are inclined towards making this shift, we can assist you in assessing its feasibility. Kindly contact us at your earliest convenience, and we will gladly arrange a consultation for you.

We acknowledge the importance of completing adult orthodontic treatment as soon as possible. Clear Braces can effectively align teeth in the majority of cases within a timeframe of around nine months to one year.

Dr. Nick Young possesses extensive expertise and exceptional proficiency in the field of Clear Braces treatment. Should you have an inclination towards invisible braces, we encourage you to reach out to us in order to arrange a consultation. Our dedicated team in Orem will guide you through the Clear Braces system, addressing any inquiries you may have regarding this remarkable treatment, thereby ensuring that Clear Braces is the ideal solution for you. Our utmost priority is to equip you with the necessary knowledge so that you can make well-informed decisions regarding the enhancement of your radiant smile.

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