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COVID-19 Vaccines: 7 Things Your Dentist Wants You to Know


If you’ve gotten the COVID-19 vaccine in Orem, you probably have tons of questions. We care for our customers, so these are the 7 most important aspects you need to know about the vaccine.

The Vaccines are Safe and Effective

While this vaccine took less time to develop than most vaccines, the science was all the same. Scientists have tested the vaccine on thousands of people like you to determine if it works, and it does! Plus, it’s safe for your dental health too.

The Vaccine Won’t Make You Sick, Yet It Does Have Some Side Effects

There is no way the vaccine can give you COVID-19, but it doesn’t have many side effects. While these side effects aren’t life-threatening, they can be uncomfortable. You might feel some symptoms of COVID-19, but this is only your immune system recognizing the virus to become immune to it.

You Should Still Get the Vaccine Even If You’ve Had COVID-19

People who’ve had COVID-19 and naturally recovered can become sick again. Protect yourself from this and get the vaccine.

Get All Recommended Doses

For the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, you need two doses for optimal results. Take the second dose three weeks after the first for the Pfizer vaccine. For the Moderna vaccine, you need to take the second dose four weeks after the first. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine only requires one dose.

Vaccine Supply Is Increasing

Although the first batch of vaccines was designated for healthcare workers, and other essential workers, there’s much more to go around now! Find out from your local health department about the availability and eligibility for vaccines in your area.

You’ll Still Need to Wear a Mask

The vaccine prevents you from getting the virus, but scientists haven’t confirmed it if also prevents you from spreading it. Because of this, you need to continue wearing a mask and keeping up with COVID-19 regulations like washing your hands for 20 seconds, and standing 1.5 meters apart.

You Can Get the Vaccine If You Are Planning to Get Pregnant

There is no evidence that fertility and the vaccine influence each other at all. It’s safe to get the vaccine even if you’re planning on becoming pregnant.

The Dentistry Who Cares in Orem

Our customers are more than just customers, they’re family. We care for every one of them, and because of that, we provide accurate information to keep you safe.

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