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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Orem Utah

Bridges are a blessing for people who have lost their tooth in accidents or due to any other reason. The procedure is a very crucial part of restorative dentist procedures and is completely safe.

Dental bridges are made up of two crowns, which helps in the attachment of the artificial teeth. Replacing the missing teeth, it allocates the forces in your bite evenly and makes it easy to chew and speak again.

These bridges can be made up of materials like silver, gold, porcelain, and a mixture of different elements. Mainly, there are two types of bridges, fixed bridges, and removable bridges. If you are opting for fixed bridges, only the dentists can remove them. However, removable bridges can be cleaned and removed whenever you want. A proper installation of the bridges will prevent the rest of the teeth from shifting. 

If you want to rediscover your dental beauty again, consult a professional dentist from Orem, Utah. They will perform a complete inspection and depending on the situation will recommend the bridges. 

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