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Do you know why dental fillings are very important?

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Blog Highlights:

  • Tooth decay can be caused by many different factors
  • Tooth decay is the number one chronic disease of both adults and children in America
  • There are very few people who have never experienced tooth decay by the age of 17
  • Dental filling can help stop tooth decay before it gets worse
  • Dental fillings is the most common procedure that dentists have to perform

Brushing and flossing on a regular basis, and avoiding sugary snacks sometimes are just not enough when it comes to staying away from tooth decay. This is because tooth decay can be caused by many different factors. According to experts, tooth decay is now the leading chronic disease of both children and adults in the US. Studies have shown that only 22% of the entire US population have not experienced one cavity by the age of 17.

Dental filling is important simply because it can help stop the tooth decay from getting worse. The filling is used to seal the hole in your tooth that has been created by bacteria. This is the most common treatment that dentists perform. During your dental checkups, the dentist will try to see if you have any cavities that needs filling even if you are not experiencing any pain.

If you are not experiencing any pain, why would the dentist bother giving you dental fillings? You need to remember that if left untreated, the decay will never go away on its own. As a matter of fact, it can worsen, allowing bacteria to get inside and trigger intense pain. If it is allowed to progress, this will lead to tooth loss. This is why dentist recommend that you get a cheaper and simpler procedure while you still can.

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