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Finding out if a Home Whitening Kit can help you with your teeth

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Blog Highlights:

  • Whitening kits have not been linked with any major health problem
  • If the user will not follow the instructions carefully, he or she might suffer from dental problems
  • Teenagers should not overuse home whitening kits because their permanent teeth are still susceptible to the chemicals used in these products
  • The brightness of your teeth can actually be controlled precisely if you opt to have your teeth whitening at the dentist’s office

Home whitening kits are very popular today, as a matter of fact, many teenagers and adults alike use them. A lot of people however, wonder if they are safe to use and if they can provide results that can match the whitening procedures done by a dentist.

You should know that home whitening kits have no known links to major health issues. This means that they are relatively safe and benign. But if the user will fail to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, it might cause dental problems. The abuse of home whitening kits have been known to damage the enamel and expose the dentin, making the teeth very sensitive.

Teenagers should be warned not to overuse these products. This is because at the onset of puberty, most of the baby teeth have been lost and permanent teeth have already emerged. The problem is, the permanent teeth are still maturing, and this means that they are not as durable as older teeth. The enamel of young permanent teeth are vulnerable to the different chemicals used in most whitening kits.

When it comes to effectiveness, they should be able to give you the advertised results. These products also differ to the ones used in the dentist’s office. In most cases, the percentage of the active bleaching agent which is either cabamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, is just around 10%. This is actually less than half of what the clinical formulations are using. This will require you to take more sessions so you will get the level of brightness that you want for your teeth. Whereas it will only take one or two sessions for a clinical application to produce the same results.

You should also know that the amount of brightness can actually be controlled more accurately when you are getting a professional treatment. With the help of the dentist’s professional training and experience, he or she can adjust the shade so your teeth will look naturally white. Individuals who have implants on restorations, will also need professional whitening treatments simply because these appliances will not be lightened by the bleaching product. Having professional help will ensure that the shade of the teeth will blend together properly.

If you prefer to use a home whitening kit, you can still ask your dentist to help you by asking for advice before purchasing a kit. He or she will gladly guide you so you will be able to get bright teeth and a healthy smile.

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