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Five Fun Ways to Welcome the Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy has left a little present for youngsters who conceal their lost baby teeth under their pillows for decades. This delightful custom is the ideal opportunity to teach children proper dental hygiene. Here are five fun and low-cost ways for families to greet this enchanted fairy. Contact us in Orem for more information and assistance.

1. A receipt for your child’s tooth

As a memento of the event, a small piece of paper can be kept in your child’s room. Purchase a receipt pad and fill it out yourself – or use our template! Include your child’s name, date, a description of the tooth received, and the prize, as well as a brief comment such as, “Thank you for this gorgeous tooth!” I see that you wash your teeth every day. “Keep up the good job!” says the narrator.

2. A tooth fairy dish 

Here’s a lovely (and far more accessible) variation to the under-the-pillow trick: assist your youngster in selecting or creating a particular food to keep teeth clean. Find one at a local thrift or housewares store, or paint one yourself at a regional ceramics workshop. Please discuss with your youngster what they believe may catch the Tooth Fairy’s attention… Maybe one that shines and sparkles, like a healthy smile!

3. A keepsake book

A plain notebook may be transformed into a permanent record of the Tooth Fairy’s visits. Allow your youngster to select one from a bookshop or office supply store. You may personalize the notebook with your child’s name, birthplace, and any other information the Tooth Fairy should know. Every time your child loses a tooth, have him, or she write a message to the Tooth Fairy before going tonight. Record the date and a brief statement, such as “This is a really nice tooth!” when you leave your child’s present behind. “Did you know that you’re on your way to getting 32 adult teeth?”

4. A bright-smile calendar

The Tooth Fairy’s visit is an excellent opportunity to teach children good dental hygiene. As an added bonus, place a brushing calendar in your child’s room along with the Tooth Fairy’s present. You can also make it reusable by laminating it and providing a bright dry-erase marker for your child to use to note each time they brush, floss, or see the dentist.

5. A Tooth Fairy “Smilestone” scrapbook page

It’s entertaining to keep track of how your child’s grin changes when baby teeth fall out and adult teeth emerge. To commemorate each Tooth Fairy visit, make a milestone memento book with “smilestones.” Choose an album from a dollar or craft shop if you want to make your own, or have fun making one together with colorful paper, stickers, yarn, and other things. Alternatively, you may include a scrapbook page in your baby book. Discuss the experience of losing a tooth with your kid and record recollections on the album’s pages. Consider leaving it out in your child’s room for the Tooth Fairy to enjoy and share it with your dentist at your next exam!

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