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Halloween Candy: Your Dental Health Survival Guide

Child Trick or Treating in Orem Utah

Here comes Halloween, and with it, the time when parents stay worried about their kid’s health. According to the dentist of Orem, Utah, parents should be extra careful about their kid’s dental health during this period. 

Halloween is about ghosts, goblins, goodies, and a lot of fun. It is also the time of the year when kids are unstoppable and will eat out as many candies as they want. This can be a cause of concern as the goodies and candies are filled with tons of sugar, which can do a trick with your kid’s teeth. 

One way to prevent dental issues that often arise from Halloween treats is to choose your candies and goodies carefully. Thanks to the health enthusiast, you can now easily find healthy cookies and candies in the market.

In this article, we are going to list some of the good and bad ingredients. Some of these do not go very nicely with dental health. So, the next time you go shopping keep these ingredients in mind and try to avoid the bad ones. 

Sticky candies

The candies that stick to your teeth are the worst ones. Because they are hard and sticky, they often get stuck in between the teeth and may take a longer time to get rid of. Because they stay there for a longer period, it gives a chance that cavity-causing bacteria grow. 

Extremely hard candies

Kids are often in a rush to gobble as many candies as they can. Oftentimes, they end up pressing their teeth too hard, which might lead to breakage of the teeth. If not so, it will be because they are hard to chew and swallow and will remain in the mouth for longer hours, causing bacteria to grow.

Sour Candy

Another candy that you should look out for is the sour ones. Their acidic nature is a cause for concern for your teeth and gum’s health. The acid can damage the outer layer of the teeth, making them more vulnerable to cavities.

Popcorn Balls 

The last one that needs to be avoided at any cost is the popcorn balls. Kids do enjoy the flossy texture of it, but it always ends up sticking in between their teeth. The sticky and sugary nature is hard to beat and can cause serious damage to the teeth. 

Chocolate candies

One of the best candies that you can bring to your house this Halloween is the chocolate ones. They are neither sticky nor get into the hole of your mouth. Most of it washes out on its own. To minimize the content of sugar, you can opt for dark chocolates.

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