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How to Choose a Toothbrush: 5 Important Considerations

How to Choose a Toothbrush

Toothbrushes have a finite lifespan since the bristles eventually fray and fall off. Change up your toothbrush every three months for optimal oral health. Shopping for a toothbrush in Orem may be a hassle due to the wide variety of brands and designs available. We hope that the information we provided will make it easier for you to locate an appropriate toothbrush.

1) Toothbrush Head

So far, we’ve discovered that smaller toothbrush heads clean teeth more thoroughly and effectively than their larger ones. This is because smaller toothbrush heads make it easier to clean hard-to-reach places like the backs of the molars (teeth right at the back of the mouth). An adult may benefit from using a smaller-sized toothbrush head designed for children. The mouth of the individual is the deciding factor. So far, we haven’t discovered any evidence that suggests a certain toothbrush head design is more effective than another. The toothbrush heads should be changed every three months or sooner if they begin to show signs of wear and tear.

2) Toothbrush Bristles or filaments

When it comes to toothbrushes, most patients believe that harder bristles are preferable. In most cases, this is not accurate. Brushes with very hard bristles are a typical reason for harming teeth and gums. Soft or medium bristles are what we advise. At the clinic, we recommend the Curaprox Ultra soft series of manual toothbrushes for both adults and children. These toothbrushes are very gentle on the gums. Brushes like this use patented filaments rather than bristles. These filaments are light enough to be used without irritation to gums and teeth yet effective enough to make your dental hygiene routine a pleasure. Even with electric toothbrushes, we advise going with a medium-soft head.

3) Power

Marketers would have us think that electric toothbrushes are always superior to manual ones. We agree that electric toothbrushes “perform the job for you” and are hence superior to their manual versions. However, we can’t offer them our full stamp of approval. You should use a manual toothbrush instead of an electric one sometimes. 

4) Dexterity

There are certain persons who struggle with their dexterity more than others. We would strongly suggest using an electric toothbrush in this case.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to use floss and interdental brushes in addition to your toothbrush. Companies may try to make you believe that their toothbrushes are the best on the market, but… We have found that they are not particularly helpful for cleaning teeth.

Not everyone can benefit from the same toothbrush. You should consult with one of our dentists or hygienists before purchasing a toothbrush. When you see a dentist, they will examine your mouth and recommend a suitable toothbrush.

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