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How to Smile Like a Celebrity During Your Wedding


Dental care is something that has been extremely focused on, especially in recent times in Orem. Here is the story of Ana and Larry who were dentists and married each other. Ana Paula Ferraz’s thick, jet-black hair was the first item Larry Dougherty noticed of her as a dental student’s colleague. Ana was charmed by Larry’s warmth and sense of humor as she got to know him.

It was “I do” for the pair after dental college. Ana and Larry were married in front of 60 people at an ancient Miami estate mansion. According to the couple, they couldn’t take their eyes away. They’ve been going nonstop since then. Ana and Larry, two dentists who have “been there, done that,” have had some tips for everyone planning to get married.

Whitening for the Wedding

In several marriages, the gown isn’t the only white item. Ana and Larry, for example, brighten their tooth for their wedding day smile. 

Ana and Larry cleaned their teeth a week before the wedding day because whitening can help your teeth feel more delicate. They scheduled the appointment early to give them time to adjust. That way, your teeth won’t be too sensitive on the day of your wedding.

You could also utilize trays from your doctor at home. You can also use an ADA-approved whitening toothbrush or sheets. You’ll be sure they’re both safe and effective this way. Talk to your dentist about whatever solution is helpful for you, but avoid home treatments at all costs, as they may do more damage than benefit.

Make an Appointment with Your Dentist As Soon As Possible

According to Ana, the wedding ceremony is such a special occasion in our lives, and smiling plays a significant role in that. On your wedding day or on your vacation, the last thing you would like to worry about is a pain in the teeth.

If you don’t see a dentist regularly, now is an excellent time to start. Book a consultation a few weeks ahead of time to prevent unpleasant and possibly costly issues during your wedding planning. According to Ana, she once saw a lady whose teeth were infected just two weeks before marriage. Visiting the dentist regularly can help reduce your likelihood of acquiring a dental emergency or needing treatment close to your wedding.

Do you have a dental emergency? Look for one now.

Must-Haves on Marriage Day

Ana suggests adding one item to your girls’ rescue backpack. Please have one of your girls carry flossing and a small mirror to make sure nothing is stuck in your mouth, and all looks pretty good; well, she did that.

Brushing and flossing regularly should keep your breath fresh, but if you need a breath boost during the day, bring along some sugarless bubblegum with the ADA Badge of Approval. According to Ana, avoid foods like onions and garlic that can make your breath smell terrible.

Make it a Habit to Brush Your Teeth Every Day

Your marriage is simply the beginning of a lengthy relationship with your partner. Don’t forget about your oral hygiene after you’ve tied the knot. Before the wedding, Ana and Larry maintained an excellent dental routine—and have kept a lovely daily habit since then. They do a little practice in the mornings wherein they clean and floss together in her bathroom with Larry.

They even talk over the buzz of their electric toothbrushes on occasion. “It’s difficult to hear them,” Larry admits, “but that doesn’t stop me from speaking.” “I’m always up for a compliment.” It seems like they do everything to the extent of cleaning their teeth.

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