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Knowing all About Nitrous Oxide

Fear of the Needle

Blog Highlights:

  • Nitrous oxide can help patients to stay calm before getting a dental procedure
  • Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas
  • This gas is not meant to make you fall asleep
  • This gas is mixed with oxygen; it is inhaled through your nose with the help of a mask
  • Tingling on the limbs and lightheadedness are signs that you are starting to feel the effects of the nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide is used by many dental clinics to help patients relax and stay calm. It is mixed with oxygen in order to create a safe sedative that is inhaled through the nose with the help of a mask.

Also known as a laughing gas, Nitrous oxide is an option that your dentist can provide you with whenever you want to feel more comfortable while undergoing different dental procedures. Nitrous oxide is not designed to put patients to sleep, as a matter of fact, one can still answer questions and respond to different instructions while being sedated with this gas.

As soon as the dentist puts the mask on your face, you will be instructed to breathe normally through your nose. After a few minutes, you will start to feel a bit of tingling on your arms and legs, as well as a feeling of lightheadedness. The effects of the nitrous oxide will ultimately make you feel calm and comfortable. Its effects will also start to wear off soon after the mask is taken off.

If you do not feel comfortable going through some dental procedures, you should ask your dentist whether this option would be able to help you.

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