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Knowing how Tooth Contouring can help you get a Great Smile

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Blog Highlights:

  • Tooth contouring is a simple procedure that will most likely not require any numbing medicine
  • The cost of this procedure depends on how many teeth needs to be fixed, the time it takes to fix the problem, as well as the severity of the damage
  • Tooth contouring is not covered by dental insurance but some issues might be covered if it is done to help your teeth function properly
  • If you want to have this procedure done, you can go to a family dentist or ask a cosmetic dentist to do it for you
  • Only adult teeth can undergo teeth contouring, this is because children’s teeth are not permanent and any damage on their teeth will not matter in the long run

A lot of people today are considering tooth contouring as a way for them to improve the appearance of their smile.

But what is tooth contouring? Here’s what you need to know.

Tooth Contouring

Tooth contouring is where a cosmetic dentist will use a drill and other dental instruments to fix chips, rough areas, and other similar problems on your teeth. This is meant to help make your teeth look and feel better.

Since teeth contouring is classified as a simple procedure, your dentist might not need to give you numbing medicine. The dentist, however, may require the use of cement fillers or other bonding material to cover up the chips.

The Cost

The cost of the procedure actually depends on the number of teeth that have to be fixed. It can also depend on what has to be done and the time it will take to finish. Basic contouring, meant to fix cracked teeth might cost $50 or more per tooth. Some dentist can offer a package deal for you if you need to have a lot of teeth fixed.

Since teeth contouring is a cosmetic procedure, it might not be covered by your insurance. But if the reason why you are getting it is because you had an accident, your insurance may be used to cover a portion of your entire procedure.

The purpose of the procedure

Aside from improving the appearance of your teeth, the dental contouring procedure can actually be used to help improve the level of comfort that you can experience. Rough, or cracked teeth can cause a lot of discomforts and it can also cut your lip.

Food can also get stuck in between your teeth if it has deformities. If the purpose of the procedure is to help make your teeth function properly rather than to improve its appearance, your insurance might cover it.

Seeing the dentist

A family dentist or a cosmetic dentist can do these procedures for you. But it should be noted that most patients will tend to go to their family dentist simply because the family dentist is familiar with their teeth and because they are more comfortable with their family dentists.

Dental Contouring is for adults only

This procedure can only be done on adult teeth. This is because children’s teeth are not permanent. Though your child’s chipped tooth might need to be fixed, this procedure will not be covered by insurance because it is cosmetic in nature.

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