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Scouts for Oral Health

Boy Scouts Soluting

Blog highlights:

  • The Scouting movement and the National Children’s Oral Health foundation have joined forces to promote oral health
  • Scouts who opt to learn more about oral health can earn colorful badges if they are willing to share what they learned to other scouts and to people in their communities
  • This program is designed to help children fight gum disease and tooth decay

Since 1907, the Scouting movement has encouraged young people towards mental, physical, and spiritual development worldwide. Established a century later, America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation, wants to keep children away from preventable dental problems. Both these institutions have now joined forces in recent years, in order to help get kids involved in the fight for better oral health.

Today, Scouts can earn colorful patches if they choose to learn more about oral health, if they share their knowledge with fellow scouts, and if they are willing to reach out to educate the people in their communities. This program is a fantastic way to help build leadership skills as it allows both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to do a useful public service. It is also a great way to help children fight gum disease and tooth decay. You can learn more about by visiting

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