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The Power of Media and Your Child’s Teeth


The appeal of advertisements is something that most parents can understand, but have you ever considered just how much of an impact a healthy ad could have on your child? You may have heard about the Ad Council’s 2012 healthy promo – and this one was actually aimed at children’s teeth! What better way to get your kids to brush their teeth for two solid minutes, twice each day than with an exciting video? Whether you’re in Salt Lake City, or anywhere else in the United States – check out the video online and see what you think.

missingtoothAs far as the impact goes, the numbers clearly speak for themselves; and a whopping 1.3 million viewers checked out the video in August 2012 alone. Just over three years later – the viral campaign still boasts one of the most significant impacts on the planet. So what makes the ad so appealing to children? Well, it could be something to do with the presence of more than a few favorite characters from popular television shows on both Cartoon Network and Sesame Street.

The ad itself is only a couple of minutes long, but as most parents will know – that’s the ideal length to be watched while your kids brush their teeth! As of 2015, researchers have discovered that media agencies have donated no less than 33 million dollars’ worth of free air time and publicity. That’s an incredible amount of haulage, and it’s no wonder why thousands of parents have stated that their kids are now keeping up with their brushing habits!

Going the Extra Mile

For any children that may have grown bored of watching the same advertisement over the past few years; parents will be pleased to hear that the ad campaign is due to release a smartphone app that can be played before, during or after brushing! How it will work we don’t know, but if the effect of the advert is anything to go by, parents everywhere could be experiencing a healthy boost to their children’s brushing habits in no time at all.

Here’s what a recent study revealed:

  • Over 50% of parents asked, said that they have already heard of the campaign
  • An incredible amount of parents reported to have seen a substantial improvement to their children’s teeth brushing patterns since watching the advert (a 4% improvement in 2012 alone)
  • In 2013, parents were reporting how frequently their children brushed their teeth, and 64% documented improvements
  • A huge climb in parents making sure that their children brushed their teeth two times a day (once in the morning, once before bed) was witnessed. Initial reports demonstrated an increase of 5% from 60% in 2013 alone

There are 36 contributing organizations currently taking part in the campaign, each of which have joined the Partnership for Healthy Mouths appeal. The appeal itself is governed by a range of practicing experts in the oral health industry, and their aim is to encourage children to care of their teeth whilst making it less of a chore before bed time!

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