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The Replacement of Metal Fillings and Crowns

The Replacement of Metal Fillings and Crowns

Restoring a tooth’s structure after deterioration requires dental fillings and crowns in Orem, which might survive for years but ultimately need to be replaced. Many factors, including normal wear and tear and aesthetic ones like darkening, might influence your decision to have new teeth.

It’s common knowledge that bacteria cause dental decay, and after a filling has been chipped or fractured, the tooth is exposed to harmful organisms once again. Having decay develops at the border of the filling or crown is a sign that germs have made their way into the tiny spaces and are resistant to removal by toothbrushes and interdental brushes. When tooth decay is not addressed, it can spread to the dental pulp, requiring a root canal filling or even removal of the affected tooth.

It’s the same with crowns and bridges; if they break, it can lead to unpleasant and expensive issues. The problem for the dentist is making replacements seem completely natural as if they were growing out of your gums with the rest of your teeth.

Regular dental checkups are vital because they allow your dentist to address any abnormalities before they worsen. You might not be able to tell whether your filling or crown is worn, but your dentist can see problems and come up with a solution before they become unpleasant and expensive to fix.

Crown replacement

There is no universal answer to the question of whether or not a patient should replace their crowns. The crowns on your teeth may need to be replaced if they have suffered damage, such as cracks or chips, which makes them more susceptible to decay.

Eventually, the crown’s color will fade, and its edges will grow more obvious. Because of this, you may consider installing brand-new crowns for your entire smile. You can use crowns to fix the appearance of your teeth if you have gum recession, excessive crowding, or missing teeth.

Having Fillings Replaced

A filling replacement should only be done if your dentist determines the previous one is no longer safe. You can avoid further damage to your tooth’s structure by avoiding the need to drill out the old filling.

If you want to or need to replace a metal filling due to damage, you may choose from a wider variety of tooth-colored options than ever before. Several different tooth-colored materials are available; they all consist mostly of glass particles, synthetic resin, and a setting ingredient.

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