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The Top 3 Most Common Dental Problems According to the Latest ADA Reports

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Blog Highlights:

  • As much as 33% of the people included in the ADA survey were suffering from dry mouth
  • Dry mouth can be caused by certain diseases or by some medications
  • Biting or chewing problems can stop you from eating healthy
  • Biting or chewing problems can be cause by tooth decay or by poorly fitted dentures
  • A lot of Americans who belong to low-income households suffer from pain and from biting or chewing difficulties

The American Dental Association, recently released reports of a survey they conducted nationwide that included as much as 15,000 adults from each state. Through this survey, they were able to determine the most common oral health problems that Americans are dealing with today. Here’s what the ADA found out:

As a whole, the American population, or at least 33% of the respondents were suffering from dry mouth. Also known as xerostomia, it is typically caused by insufficient saliva production. It can also happen as a result of certain diseases or as a side effect of certain medications. If it happens occasionally, it can cause minor inconveniences. But if it happens on a daily basis, it can cause serious oral problems like tooth decay.

Another common issue among Americans is biting or chewing difficulties. As much as 31% of the participants have this problem. People with lower incomes as well as those who belong to the younger age group reported this problem at rates which are higher than the population as a whole. Biting or chewing problems occur when teeth are cracked, when there are decays, or when the dentures are poorly fitted. Teeth that feel pain due to pressure may require a root canal procedure. This will allow the dentist to save the tooth even though the pulp tissue has already deteriorated. This problem also has a huge impact when it comes to your diet. This is because biting and chewing problems can prevent you from eating healthy food especially when there are fast food options that are easier to chew and more readily available.

Lastly, most Americans today are experiencing pain. Experienced by as much as 29% of the respondents, it is actually the number one oral health problem for people between the ages of 18 and 34, as well as those who belong to low-income households. As much as 40% of the people in these two groups reported this problem. There are actually many possible causes for the development of pain, but in general, this is what tells your body that something wrong is going on. Ignoring the pain or simply taking pain medications may remove it temporarily. But for as long as you will not have the underlying problem treated, it will most likely return within a few days. Delaying treatment will also make the problem more difficult to deal with.

If you, or any of your family members, are experiencing any of the oral problems mentioned, please have it checked and treated by your dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist can help diagnose the problem, and he or she can also make a treatment plan so you can get pain relief, so you can restore damaged teeth, and so you can put your oral health back in order.


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