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The Treatment of Abscessed Teeth

Painful Mouth Ulcer

Blog Highlights:

  • The only treatment option for an abscessed tooth is root canal therapy, this is done so you can avoid tooth loss
  • A cracked tooth can allow bacteria to go inside the pulp and cause an infection
  • During a root canal therapy, the dentist will remove the infected pulp and make sure that the center of the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned

An abscess in one of your teeth will mean that an infection has taken place. The abscess may cause discomfort, and it can also make your teeth sensitive. The only way it can be treated is through a root canal therapy.

This treatment is directed towards the pulp. The pulp is located at the middle of your teeth, and this is also where the nerves and the blood vessels can be found. The blood vessels help provide vital nutrients for your teeth.

Although it is very important for us to brush and floss daily, these oral hygiene practices may not be enough to help you avoid tooth decay. If you do not get immediate help, the decay can reach the pulp over time. A cracked tooth can also allow bacteria to get inside the pulp, this can lead to an infection and also to abscess. If left untreated, this will eventually lead to tooth loss.

If the dentist can perform a root canal therapy, he or she will be able to remove the infected tooth pulp and save the tooth structure in the process. The dentist will also clean the center of the tooth and afterward, the tooth will then be resealed with a crown to make it much stronger.

The entire procedure is pain-free. The dentist, however, will need you to visit two to three times in order to finish the procedure. The restored tooth can actually last a lifetime, this makes root canal therapy a very practical option whenever you are dealing with a tooth abscess.

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