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Toothaches: Mouth and Face Injuries

Men with Toothaches

Blog Highlights 

  • Your teeth are in a very vulnerable position
  •  You’ll never be able to completely eliminate the risk of trauma to the face or mouth
  • With any mouth or face injury it’s best to seek emergency dental or medial care

Toothaches can occur for a number of reasons. One of the more serious causes is traumatic injury to the face or mouth. Your teeth are in a very vulnerable position, especially the front teeth, and they’re prone to getting bumped, hit, and jostled during sports, activities, and accidents. If you suffer from a mouth injury in Orem Utah, you should take advantage of our emergency dentistry division.

Mouth trauma can result in broken teeth, teeth being pushed to the side, pushed forward, and even knocked out. In almost all cases it is best to seek emergency dentistry attention immediately. These types of injuries can lead to more complicated and serious issues later on if not properly cared for.

You’ll never be able to completely eliminate the risk of trauma to the face or mouth, but there are some things you can do to protect your mouth in certain situations. For example, when playing sports, wear a custom-made mouth guard to prevent serious injury to your teeth. However, most of the time it’s simply best to know how to handle a mouth injury in case it ever happens to you.

What to Do for a Mouth Injury

In some cases, the lips, tongue, and other soft oral tissues can bruise or swell depending on the trauma. They may even get cut. It is important to seek medical attention for these types of injuries, but in the meantime, you should clean the area and remove any dirt and debris from the wound. Apply pressure to the bleeding area with gauze or a clean cloth. For swelling, use a cold compress. If the injury is severe, it’s advised that you go straight to the emergency room.

If you suffer blunt force trauma to the mouth, you may end up with a chipped tooth. Try to locate the chipped off piece and bring it with you when you come to our Orem Utah office. There’s a chance our professionals may be able to bond the piece back onto the tooth.

When a permanent tooth gets knocked out, retrieve the tooth. Clean it with water and gently place it back in its socket. You can also hold it between the cheek and gum or in a glass of cold milk. The idea is to keep the tooth safe and clean until you can get to the dentist for them to replant the tooth. Do not wait. Seek out emergency dental care immediately.

Sometimes a hard impact injury can result in a fractured jawbone. This can cause the face to become distorted or the teeth to be out of alignment. Control any bleeding and apply a cold compresses to manage the swelling. If you’re in extreme pain, you may also take a mild pain reliever. Go to the emergency room immediately.

These types of injuries can be extremely painful and, in order to prevent further damage and more costly repairs, you should follow the above steps while waiting for professional help. With any mouth or face injury, it’s best to seek emergency dental or medial care as soon as possible. If you’ve suffered from a traumatic mouth accident, don’t hesitate to contact our emergency dentistry services.




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