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Toothpaste Facts

Toothpaste on Toothbrush

Blog Highlights:

  • Toothpaste can contain detergents and mild abrasives to help remove bacteria, debris, and teeth stains
  • Toothpastes also have mild flavoring agents that do not contain any sugar so you can enjoy brushing and avoid having tooth decay at the same time
  • People with sensitive teeth should use toothpastes that have desensitizing properties
  • For best results, one should only purchase toothpastes that have the ADA Seal of Approval

Toothpastes are very important when it comes to our daily oral hygiene. Working together with your floss, toothbrush, and mouthwash, they can all be used to help strengthen your teeth and gums by removing bacteria, plaque, and food debris.

Unknown by many, toothpastes can actually come in powder, gel, or paste form. Although different toothpastes all have different ingredients, many of them do have common components which include:

Detergents – This component is used mainly to provide foaming action. It helps remove bacteria and it also allows you to spread the toothpaste around within your mouth.

Thickening agents – This component is used to help bind and stabilize the different ingredients found in the toothpaste.

Mild abrasive – Added to help remove stains and debris on or in between your teeth.
Flavoring – Added mainly to provide flavor, it helps create mild sweetness as well as a minty taste without using any sugars.

Humectants – Aids in water loss, and helps keep the toothpaste gummy and manageable.

Depending on what toothpaste you use, other ingredients might be added or taken out. What is important is for you to keep these facts in mind when it comes to selecting your toothpaste:

Make sure that it can help prevent tooth decay – Your toothpaste must contain fluoride, this will help strengthen your enamel and it can help prevent tooth decay. Not all toothpastes contain fluoride, so it would be best to check toothpaste’s ingredients first before using.

Make sure that it can help fight against sensitivity – For those who have sensitive teeth, a desensitizing toothpaste must be used.  This kind of toothpaste contains compounds that can help reduce pain caused by foods which are too hot or too cold.

It should have teeth whitening properties – Individuals who have teeth stains can benefit from toothpaste that contains polishing agents or chemicals that can help lessen surface stains better than the ordinary toothpaste.

It must be able to fight against plaque and gingivitis – Plaques can cause tooth decay and gingivitis, and if your toothpaste can’t help you fight against these oral problems, then it might be best for you to get another brand.

Most importantly, when it comes to selecting the right toothpaste, make sure that you try to check if it has the ADA seal of approval first.  This will give you the assurance that the toothpaste has met the association’s strict standards when it comes to its effectiveness and safety. This will also assure users that it will do exactly what it says it can accomplish. You can visit the ADA website if you need more information about the association’s Seal of Acceptance and if you need to know more about toothpastes.

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