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Treating Bad Breath with Tongue Scrapers

Clean Tongue for Fresher Breath

Bad breath can occur for any number of reasons. From poor oral hygiene, tooth decay and enamel breakdown, all the way to bacterial growth and gum disease – it’s never been more important to look after your mouth. Our Provo dentists recommend that that you brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss between meals, but even this isn’t always enough.

Your tongue actually plays host to a variety of bacteria from the food and drink that you consume. Some of the bacteria are good and help your saliva to breakdown food as it enters your mouth. Other bacteria is bad and it lives and breeds from anything that you consume – and it is this bacteria that can create a foul scent from the back of your throat (where your tongue stretches to).

Using a Tongue Scraper

Now although it’s not possible to reach right into the back of your throat to keep it clean and clear – it is possible to maintain the front of your tongue, and that’s where a tongue scraper comes into the fray. These tools do exactly what their name would suggest – they scrape your tongue, and in doing so they pull away any unwanted bacteria. A clean tongue is the first step to a healthy mouth and so there’s really no limit on how often you can use a tongue scraper.

If you notice swelling, irritation, or general soreness however, then it’s a good idea to discontinue use and instead leave your tongue untouched for a few days; or at least until it heals. When using a tongue scraper, it’s important to keep it lubricated to avoid the risk of wearing away the upper surface of the muscle. This layer plays host to thousands of nerve endings – each of which help you to taste your food as you eat, and so stripping them away can be both painful and detrimental to the functionality of your mouth.

Complimenting Your Tongue Scraper with a Good Diet

Certain foods will take their toll on your oral health, whilst others are a great way to promote a healthy mouth. To compliment your tongue scraping activities, there are a few foods that can help to keep your mouth fresh and pleasant smelling for as long as possible. These foods are all natural, and include vegetables like potatoes (which are rich in carbohydrates) and nuts (which contain a variety of antioxidants to help to break down toxins from bacteria).

A healthy diet, a frequent brushing regime and a tongue scraper are more than enough to tackle even the most severe bouts of bad breath – and spending a few spare minutes a day over the sink using your scraper will go a long way.


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