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Use Your Dental Insurance Before It’s Gone!

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As the end of 2013 approaches we feel grateful for many things, especially our great patients.  We realize you have many options for dental care in this area and we sincerely thank you for the trust you place in us.  As 2014 approaches, we’d like you to be aware of a couple things:

If you have unused dental insurance or cafeteria plan benefits for 2013, now is the time to use them before they are lost.  In most cases, they will not carry over to next year.  If you have already met your deductible for this year, completing your treatment before 2014 may even save you money next year.  Benefits can be used for most procedures, and in many cases, even for whitening or cosmetic treatment.  Call our office to discuss any uncompleted treatment or to schedule an end-of-year cleaning.

If you don’t have dental benefits, we have a solution for you.  The Canyon Gate Dental Membership Plan gives deep discounts for many dental procedures, including fillings, crowns, and root canals.  We have been pleasantly surprised at the huge number of people that have taken advantage of this plan.

Whether you have insurance or not, our goal is to make dental care affordable.  Let’s make it happen.  Call us at 801-764-9444 today!

We wish you a great holiday season,

Dr. Payne, Dr. Young, and the Canyon Gate Dental team

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