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What are the Qualifications of a Good Dentist?


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  • After getting a bachelor’s degree, the dentist needs to go through 4 additional years in dental school before he or she gets a DMD or DDS degree.
  • After schooling, the dentist needs to pass a licensing exam and a national written test before becoming a licensed professional.
  • Many dentists will offer their services at their own general dentistry practice.
  • Patients should never hesitate to ask from a second opinion knowing that most dentists will have different approaches to care

After earning a bachelor’s degree, the dentist has to go through an additional four years of dental school in order to earn the DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) or the DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) degree. The dentist can then opt to practice one of nine different dental specialties by completing an additional two or four years of training.

Aside from the years of study and training, the dentist has to pass a national written test, as well as a state or regional licensing exam so he or she can get a professional license. As soon as the dentist gets his or her professional license, the dentist will then become a member of the American Dental Association, an organization that is comprised of professional dentists. The ADA promotes continuing education and it sponsors them. The organization also serves as an advocate when it comes to state or federal legislation.

Dentists do more than just help people get rid of their toothaches. They also serve as the head of a team that is composed of dental assistants, hygienists, office staff, and technicians. The dentists also helps children and adults alike to avoid oral problems through preventative care. Many dentists will offer their skills in their own general dentistry practice that will allow patients to get different services such as the removal of the wisdom tooth, filling cavities, and performing different cosmetic procedures that are not covered by insurance. They can also put dental veneers over your teeth to help hide stains, gaps, or chips on your teeth’s surfaces.

The dentist takes on a very important role for your oral health, this is why finding one that is trustworthy, should be your priority. You should also know that each dentist will have different approaches to care, this is why you should never hesitate to ask for a second opinion from another dentist especially if you are not comfortable with what the previous dentist recommends.

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