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What should you do if you are Experiencing Jaw Pain after a fall?

close-up of a young woman holding her cheek in pain

Blog Highlights:

  • If you have a jaw pain after a fall that does not go away or gets worse, you need to seek professional help right away.
  • The only way for you to know what is going on with your jaw is to let the dentist evaluate your pain.
  • The pain may be caused by fractures, by a displaced tooth, or because you damaged your jaw joint

Are you experiencing jaw pain after a fall that will simply not go away or that is getting more intense? If so, then you should see your oral surgeon or dentist ASAP! Jaw pain can happen as a result of many different factors and the only way for you to understand what is happening with your jaw is to let a professional evaluate your pain. With the help of a thorough examination, your dental professional will be able to provide you with an accurate diagnosis as well as a working treatment plan. After the fall, you might have hurt your jaw joint or displaced your tooth; you might even have fractures along you jaw line. But you will never know for sure unless you get a proper evaluation.

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